An Easy Way to Make the Most Remarkable Wedding Invitation Keepsake

Are you wondering what to do with excess wedding invitations? Turn your leftovers into pop-up wedding invitations! These 3D cuties are one of our favorite wedding invitation crafts, and they are simple to make. So, get ready to turn extras into a framed wedding invitation keepsake with our instructions.

Wedding Invitation Keepsake | Pop Up Wedding Card

TL;DR ~ With just a few items, such as a frame, scissors, and glue, you can create a beautiful wedding invitation keepsake.

Making a Wedding Invitation Framed Gift

Paper wedding invitations are stunning, and they also make a wonderful memento from the big day. Most couples have a hard time tossing leftover invitations and are left pondering what to do with leftover wedding invitations.

You don’t have to throw them away!

Although there are a lot of leftover wedding invitation ideas out there, this tops the list as one of our all-time favorites. These pop-up cards are simple to make. They would even be a fabulous way to turn wedding invitation into gifts for the happy couple.

So, don’t wonder any longer about what to do with wedding cards. Get those supplies out, and make an adorable DIY wedding invitations keepsake. The results are so unique!

What to Do with Excess Wedding Invitations | Wedding Card Keepsake Frame

A framed wedding invitation keepsake is a lovely way to recycle wedding stationery.

Wedding Invitation Keepsake Frame Supplies

  • Wedding card keepsake frame (ours was vintage and thrifted)
  • 3 Elegant wedding invitations
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Sharpie marker to match the background color of your invitation (if it is a thick invitation)*

What to Do with Unused Wedding Invitations | Turn Wedding Invitation Into Gift

What to do with wedding cards? Make pop-up wedding invitations. Too cute!

Pop-up Wedding Invitations Instructions

  1. Cut out the scrapbook paper to fit the frame.
  2. Using two of the rustic wedding invitations, cut out pieces of the embellishments (in our case we chose the leaves).
  3.  *If necessary, run the Sharpie around the edge of the cut invitation pieces. The inside of our unique wedding invitations was white, so it was necessary to use a black marker to mask the white edge.
  4. Using the hot glue gun, glue the decorative elements to the in-tact invitation in layers. The goal is to have these pieces 3-dimensional, so do not press down on the hot glue dots you use. Also, be sure to be very neat with the glue when gluing.
  5. Once the pieces are dry. Glue the full DIY wedding card to the scrapbook paper.
  6. Insert the scrapbook paper into the frame. If the frame has glass, place the glass behind the scrapbook paper to keep it intact.

What a fun, easy wedding invitation keepsake idea! To see the true dimension of this project, please view the photos below. Hopefully, now you know what to do with unused wedding invitations with this DIY.

Whether it’s your big day or you are attending a wedding as a guest, making this wedding invitation keepsake is the perfect craft. To see more of this lovely fall wedding, just head here. There are lots of DIY ideas.

What to Do with Wedding Cards | Framed Wedding Invitation KeepsakeDIY Wedding Card | Wedding Invitation Framed Gift

Wedding Invitation Crafts | Pop Up Cards

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