How to Find Free RV Camping to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Are you saving up for a road trip, but you find yourself searching for the best free RV camping? We’ve got you covered! Exploring while on a road trip can be such a fabulous bonding experience. We’ve got the scoop on how to find free RV camping to keep your funds going strong.

How to Find Free RV Camping to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Why consider free RV camping spots?

If you’re looking for ways to find free RV camping sites, you’re in luck. With a little bit of research and travel, you can easily camp for free and save yourself a lot of money. The camping world is full of free or cheap RV camping. The key is to find places that are complementary and are able to accommodate the size of your RV as well. 

Of course, as newlyweds or whatever your stage, having a budget is always a good thing! If you explore options for free RV parking, you can allocate those funds towards something else. Possibly you’re saving for a house, or you have a few more expensive sites planned for your road trip.

Either way, finding free RV stops is a fabulous idea. Who doesn’t like saving money? We certainly do!

Where to Find Free RV Camping Sites in the USA

4 Tips on How to Find Free RV Camping

1. You can often find free RV parking overnight on public land.

Every state will vary on free RV stops on public land, so you’ll want to verify and keep that in mind. Before just launching and hoping that they’re free, do your research. However, in most states, public areas serve as free RV camping sites. 

For example, the state of Missouri offers free camping in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas as well. In fact, several states have BLM land that serves as free FB campgrounds. If you’re traveling down the road and see one of those signs, you can technically pull over and camp overnight in those spots. For BLM land specifically, check here to see rates and which states offer free RV parking.

The main tip to keep in mind is that public land is really for just overnight stays. These aren’t meant to be taken advantage of for a week-long camping trip or long stays. It’s a place to park for the night for free. The idea is for you to wake up in the morning and move along on your trip.

Where Can I RV Camp for Free

2. Sometimes city parks can serve as a free RV campground.

Along your travels, you’re going to see a lot of city parks along the way. Some of these allow free RV parking overnight. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to find out which ones allow it.

So, the easiest way to check is to call the local police or sheriff’s office in town. Ask them if RV parking is allowed or go ahead and ask for their permission to park and stay the night. 

Camping at city parks is a great way to immerse yourself in the town while you’re there.

Where to Find Free RV Camping Sites in the US

3. Quite often, roadside parks will offer free RV camping spots.

The great thing about camping at a roadside park is that they’re located right off the highway. This makes them easy to spot, and they are easily accessible. Since people are just stopping typically for a short trip, you can park your RV out of the way and rest easy for the night.

The downside to RV parking here is that there will be quite a bit of foot traffic and noise. Consequently, the highway noise will be loud, as will the noise of people getting in and out of their cars. Another downside is that you’ll be competing for space with larger semi-trucks as well.

Free Places to Park an RV Overnight

4. See if any fairgrounds serve as free RV campgrounds.

Fairgrounds are different from city parks and are another great choice to RV camp for free. There are some fairgrounds that actually have specific spots set up for campers and RV’s.

Therefore, there’s a chance that you’ll run into one of those and have plenty of room, too. Use the city fairgrounds as a great resting point on your road trip. Fairgrounds are a way to relax for a few days and explore the town.

Want to find free RV camping? Save it!

How to Find Free RV Camping to Save Money on Your Next Trip in the US

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