7 of the Best New Wedding Trends You Must Try This Year

With the launch of its new registry, Etsy compiled a list of new wedding trends. Comparing searches from this year and last, the data definitely points towards some forerunners for what’s shaping modern weddings. Here’s their take on what modern couples want.

Etsy's New Wedding Trends

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Etsy’s 7 New Wedding Trends to Consider

1. Lovecore Details

Lovecore is the newest “core” trend, gaining popularity on social media. It features heart patterns, roses, and red and pink hues. This romantic style is now impacting new wedding trends.

Heart-themed invitations have seen a 21% increase in searches, and pink menus have risen by 18%. Brides embrace lovecore vibes with a 22% increase in pink morganite or moissanite engagement ring searches, a 19% increase in hot pink bridal item searches, and a 14% rise for pink or red veils.

Lovecore Weddings

2. Eyecatching Rings

More and more couples choose unique engagement rings and wedding bands that reflect their personalities and values. Etsy provides an excellent platform to find such rings filled with character. In the last three months, searches for handmade engagement rings have spiked by 253%.

Alternative gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, or black diamonds are also gaining popularity, as are unconventional stone placements and vintage rings with antique craftsmanship.

Searches for teal sapphire engagement rings have increased by 82%, toi moi engagement rings by 63%, vintage wedding bands by 25%, while east-west engagement rings grew by 11%. Traditional solitaire and diamond engagement rings have seen a decrease in searches: 71% and 48%, respectively. Statement rings are one of the most popular new wedding trends.

Unique Engagement Rings

3. Western Weddings

A blend of coastal cowgirl and Vegas elopement vibes, western weddings are part of unconventional new wedding trends. This relaxed style invites guests to join the fun dress code. Etsy experienced a 40% jump in western wedding dress searches, while fringe dress queries rose by 21%.

Western wedding items saw a 19% increase. Disco cowboy and cowgirl hats became essential accessories, skyrocketing with an astounding 1,334% search boost thanks to an iconic pop star’s purchase on Etsy.

Western Wedding Details

4. Innovative Wedding Programs

Nowadays, couples strive to make their special day unforgettable through unique wedding programs. These programs extend past the usual itinerary and include more engaging elements. Etsy has seen a 127% surge in searches for newspaper-style wedding programs, a 13% increase for wedding program books, and a 7% growth for book or magazine-inspired programs.

Such elaborate, editorial-like programs set the mood for the celebrations. They can be customized with couples’ favorite pictures, anecdotes, and memories. This ensures guests receive an entertaining, personalized memento that is a cherished keepsake for all.

Creative Wedding Programs

5. Bold Accessories

Brides now focus on statement accessories for their weddings, sometimes prioritizing them over the dress itself. A simple white dress paired with dramatic earrings or an elaborate gown with distinct style elements is common these days.

On Etsy, searches for wedding gloves grew by 109%, white sunglasses by 23%, and personalized bridal bags by 15%. Customization is on the rise when it comes to veils, too, with many brides incorporating sentimental details. Searches have surged for embroidered veils (78%), custom veils (28%), and cathedral-length veils (15%).

Statement Wedding Accessories

6. Unique Love Story Gifts

Shoppers now prefer meaningful wedding gifts over generic ones. Custom pieces showcasing the couple’s unique love story are gaining traction. Etsy offers a plethora of creative options like custom couple portraits, family portraits, illustrated love stories, and personalized items celebrating their favorite song or recipe.

With features like the brand-new Etsy Registry, couples can choose their own special keepsakes. Searches for personalized recipe boxes have increased by 71%, custom couple portraits by 65%, and custom song plaques by 37% on Etsy.

Gifts with Love Stories

7. Oversized Florals

Large floral appliqués like rosettes enhance romance and texture for wedding looks. Riding the rosecore wave, these nature-inspired accents suit outdoor or garden weddings.

Etsy witnessed a 78% surge in floral wedding dress searches. Additionally, searches for 3D flower veils and dresses increased by 35% and 32%. Flower choker searches rose 159%, making them trendy accessories even after the wedding.

Oversized Wedding Florals

Save Etsy’s New Wedding Trends!

Wedding Trends from EtsyNew Wedding Trends

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