11 Posh 2024 Wedding Dress Trends to Follow for the Perfect Look

Fashions change every year, and bridal gown styles aren’t excluded. If you want to be a stylish bride this coming year, take a peek at these 2024 wedding dress trends. You’re sure to love a few to include in your look.

11 Posh 2024 Wedding Dress Trends to Follow for the Perfect Look

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2024 Bridal Gown Styles

With so many beautiful and new ways for brides to celebrate their big day, it’s becoming easier and easier to combine personalities with wants.

The following list of 2024 dress trends for weddings isn’t all-inclusive. However, these are some of the most current styles that are becoming more and more popular for the upcoming wedding season.

Here are some of the most sought-after wedding dress trends of 2024.

2024 Wedding Dress Trends for Your Bridal Gown

1. Add a sheer overlay to your dress.

Adding a sheer layer over the top of dresses gives the dress a new and unique look. It’s like a mysterious addition to the dress that subtly catches the eye.

Lathan Wedding Dress, $400

Bridal Gown Sheer Overlay

2. Consider choosing a bridal gown with a bow for 2024.

The bigger the bow, the better. Or have mini bows – either are perfectly fine. Small delicate bows placed on wedding dresses are creating quite the stir.

Designers are creating gowns with bows on the back, right where the zipper starts. Or make a statement by having a bow be your focal point.

Lakan Wedding Dress, $250

Wedding Dress with Bow Detail

3. Revisit the princess wedding gown silhouette.

The other look for brides-to-be is the look of becoming a princess for the day. This look is a big and fluffy gown.

The style is earmarked by a tighter-fitting top and a bottom that poofs out and floor length. You may need some glass slippers to pull off that Cinderella vibe and look.

Shirley Wedding Dress, $600

Princess Cut Wedding Dress

4. Bare your shoulders with off-the-shoulder wedding attire.

What used to be considered unique is now becoming more and more standard in terms of wedding dresses.

The off-the-shoulder look is elegant and one that brides are drawn to. This look tends to be combined with a tighter-fitting wedding dress to emphasize a silhouette or house glass shape.

Lina Wedding Dress, $350

Off the Shoulder Wedding Dress

5. Include 3-dimensional elements into your bridal look.

Make those flowers pop right off that wedding dress. 3-D flowers give them depth with ease.

You can keep them white or add color so that your gown has more contrast.

Muggy Dress, $130

Wedding Gown with 3d Applique

6. Consider selecting a short wedding dress for 2024.

Long gone are the days and thought that all wedding dresses must be long or floor length. As far as 2024 wedding dress trends, short bridal gowns are in.

Being referred to as “minis,” these dresses are short and sassy. Typically right above the knee, or even shorter than that.

Janet Wedding Dress, $350

Short Wedding Dress

7. Look at non-white bridal dresses.

We all know that typically brides wear white, but who says that they have to follow that rule? Most think that it’s outdated.

Additionally, some opt for bright and colorful wedding dresses that showcase their personalities and favorite colors.

Think pink, red, and even some black-and-white combinations! The idea of having a wedding dress in various colors adds so much fun and personality to the day.

Melina Wedding Dress, $550

Black Wedding Dress

8. Cover your shoulders with a sheer wedding cape.

Instead of adding a super long veil, add a cape to the wedding dress.

This gives a great look and the way it flutters and flows as the bride walks is mesmerizing.

Nena Wedding Dress, $350

Wedding Dress with Cape

9. Wear a gown with statement sleeves.

Adding sleeves to the wedding dress is a great focal point.

One of the biggest 2024 bridal trends is that brides are adding sleeves to their “sleeveless” gowns, making them super low on their shoulders.

Kellogg Wedding Dress, $400

2023 Wedding Dress with Sleeves

10. Honor tradition and wear a bridal veil with your gown.

Long veils, sheer veils, printed veils, colored veils – you name it.

Pick an option that showcases and wear it with any bridal gown style. It’s a piece that’s easy to move so that you can dance the night away at your wedding reception.

Baylee Wedding Dress, $500

Wedding Dress with Veil 2023 Trend

11. Accentuate with a plunging neckline for 2024 wedding dress trends.

How low can it go? Pair a plunging neckline with a mini dress or a Princess gown, and the heads will turn.

If you’re concerned about showing too much or your dress moving, don’t. You can either use Hollywood tape or select a dress that has a sheer insert like the one below.

Regan Wedding Dress, $470

Bridal Gown with Plunging Neckline

Save our 2024 wedding dress trends!

As you can see, the 2024 wedding planning season will offer many new styles and ideas.

This upcoming year is an excellent time for brides to express their fashion sense and change up that wedding dress of their dreams.

Use this list of 2024 wedding dress trends to find inspiration. Afterward, hit the stores to see what is out there!

2024 Wedding Dress Trends for Brides2024 Wedding Gown Trends

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