Wedding Preparation – Using a COVID Wedding Calculator

In light of the pandemic, many couples are in a time of flux at the moment. Several have had to shift their wedding date, have a micro wedding, or postpone indefinitely. It is natural to be concerned about where to go next in your wedding preparation plans! Using a COVID wedding calculator can help you determine your next steps.

Wedding Preparation - Using a COVID Wedding Calculator | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Wedding Preparation With a COVID Wedding Calculator

You may have heard of a wedding budget calculator. It’s fairly common to use in order to begin wedding preparation from a financial standpoint. Couples need to know how much they have to spend and where to allot their funds.

In a similar fashion, using a calculator can help you determine if your wedding is at risk due to COVID-19. Joy’s COVID Wedding Calculator can also identify which elements of your wedding you need to change for the sake of safety.

How the Calculator Works

Couples answer a series of questions about their wedding. This includes the wedding date, number of guests, and whether or not anyone immunocompromised will be attending. After answering, the COVID-19 Wedding Calculator gives a risk rating and offers solutions for altering your plans.

Wedding Preparation With a Joy COVID Wedding Calculator | Hill City Bride

You will see suggestions such as waiting until a later date and reducing your guest count. Links to relevant articles are also included so couples know how to implement the new parameters. Don’t like the results? Modify your answers and see if eliminating guests or changing the date helps lower your risk rating.

“Thousands of weddings have been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19. Couples with weddings through mid-2021 are expressing concern over the coronavirus’ impact on their plans,” said Joy’s Vice President of Marketing, Stacy Wakefield. “During these uncertain times, our goal is to provide couples with the tools and information they need to make decisions they feel confident in.”

Wedding Preparation With a Joy COVID Wedding Calculator | Hill City Bride

Lowering Risk During Wedding Preparation

Using the calculator accounts for any concerns that a couple may have. The reasoning behind it is based on the current guidelines. These include practicing social distancing, caps on gathering numbers, travel limitations and waiting on a vaccine to prevent Coronavirus.

“We conducted a nationwide survey in May which found that nearly 50 percent of 2020 weddings were postponed until 2021,” said Wakefield. “Based on how the data is trending, we expect that by the end of July, 75 percent of 2020 weddings will be postponed to 2021.”

Yes, those numbers are a bit discouraging, but safety is at the top of everyone’s list nowadays. Your guests will also understand if you decide to take extra precautions or switch to a micro wedding with a live stream.

Other Survey Results from Joy

  • 76% of couples plan to switch to micro weddings
  • 65% of couples will incorporate a live stream for guests who can’t attend
  • 73% of couples will have local weddings rather than traveling to another location

Wedding Preparation With a Joy COVID Wedding Calculator | Hill City Bride

Be Encouraged by Other Couples

We featured a series of COVID weddings to offer encouragement and advice from brides. If you want to hear from those who made changes in light of the pandemic, spend a bit of time here. Their stories show that love reigns true in spite of having to pivot or pause wedding planning. To read more about Joy’s wedding websites, just head here.

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