10 of the Best Classy Halloween Wedding Ideas

Fall is here, which means it’s time to incorporate the season into your wedding. From a gothic wedding cake to Halloween wedding flowers, creating a spooky atmosphere can make a boo-tiful experience for all. Skip the tacky, and take a peek these eerie—yet classy—Halloween wedding ideas.

Classy Halloween Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day

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TL;DR ~ Having a gothic wedding at Halloween can be truly elegant! From wearing a dark gown to having a scary cake, there are many ideas to incorporate while keeping it classy.

Why choose elegant Halloween wedding ideas?

When it comes to your wedding, it’s fun to incorporate a theme, and All Hallow’s Eve provides some of the best inspiration. So, if you’re thinking of getting married on October 31st. consider incorporating our tasteful Halloween wedding ideas.

10 Fabulous Ideas for a Halloween Wedding

1. Consider a colored wedding dress.

There’s no better day to wear a black wedding gown than Halloween, and there are many creative options available. If black isn’t quite your style, go for a dark hue, such as brown, navy, or burgundy. No matter what, a colored Halloween wedding dress can make a fabulous statement.

Black Wedding Dresses Elegant Halloween Wedding Ideas | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

2. Talk to your cake artist about a gothic wedding cake.

There’s a reason they’re called cake artists as these desserts—especially a goth wedding cake—truly become works of art. Chat with your baker about their ideas on creating a stunning gothic wedding cake.

From unique colors to adding spooky elements, such as skulls and pumpkins, Halloween wedding cakes are eerily delightful! If you don’t want to commit to an entire cake, then consider Halloween wedding cake toppers.

Gothic Wedding Cake | Goth Wedding Cake | Halloween Wedding Cake

3. Research offbeat Halloween wedding venues.

When considering venues, look beyond the traditional. Pick a secluded spot in the middle of the woods for an intimate ceremony. Virginia even offers cemetery wedding venues for those who want the truly spooky. Of course, you can use a classic venue, but the darker and spookier, the better!

Halloween Wedding Venues | Cemetery Wedding Venues

4. Swap the cake for Halloween wedding cupcakes or macarons.

If having a gothic wedding cake isn’t quite your style, offer other options instead. Cupcakes can take the shape of ghosts or pumpkins. Macarons are also an unexpected touch—especially if they are made in the traditional colors of black and orange. They’re tasty and adorable.

Halloween Macarons |Halloween Wedding Cupcakes

5. Ask your caterer about Halloween wedding food ideas.

Buck tradition and opt for creative Halloween foods. Your caterer will enjoy doing something unique centered around a theme! Incorporate the spicy flavors of the season, and use colors like black, brown, and orange in your dishes. Spooky and themed foods would work, too.

Halloween Wedding Food Ideas

6. Set the tone with gothic wedding invitations.

Just because something has a theme doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. Cheap wedding invitations come in all colors, with black being the best of the lot. Some companies even let you create your own Halloween wedding invitations! No matter which route you choose, announce your wedding by having your stationery coordinate with the theme.

Gothic Wedding Dress | Halloween Wedding Ideas on a Budget | Halloween Wedding Flowers

7. Choose your eerie centerpieces carefully.

Have fun with your Halloween wedding centerpieces! A consistent favorite is a jack o’ lantern, which is adorable while adding ambiance when lit. Carve them at the rehearsal dinner or bachelor party and have them on display on the tables. Other options include floral arrangements in autumnal tones.

Halloween Wedding Centerpieces | Jack O Lantern

8. Incorporate Halloween wedding colors.

If you’re having an October 31st wedding, black is a must. The other popular tone is orange followed by purple and then bright green. However, don’t feel like you need to limit yourself to these hues. Use one or two and incorporate other colors as you see fit for your big day.

Gothic Wedding Dress | Halloween Wedding Ideas on a Budget | Halloween Wedding Flowers

9. Select interesting florals.

Blossoms add texture, fragrance, and interest to your big day. In fact, they are one of the things people enjoy seeing the most. Take a cue and pick unique Halloween wedding flowers for your event. Don’t limit yourself to flowers, either, as feathers, greenery, fruits, and pods work well, too.

Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women | Face Makeup for Halloween | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings Blog

10. Consider having a Halloween masquerade wedding.

If you’re having your big day on All Hallow’s Eve, it would be a shame to NOT incorporate Halloween costume ideas. Have a contest judging the best couples Halloween costumes. Provide a list of suggestions or websites if your friends and family can’t come up with Halloween costume ideas.

As the couple getting married, you may want to get in on the fun and dress up, too. Halloween wedding costume ideas include going as famous couples, a bride and groom (keep it creepy, though!), and something silly, such as a mouse and a block of cheese. No matter what you decide, giving everyone an excuse to dress up will definitely add an element of fun!

Day of the Dead | Costume Party

Are you considering an October wedding?

If so, you may want to incorporate a few of our ideas. The season lends itself to gathering as the air turns crisp and pumpkins come back in vogue. Jump on the opportunity, and be thoughtful about your fall color palette, invitations, and other details for an autumn wedding. The possibilities are endless. Happy planning!

Upscale Halloween Wedding IdeasClassy Halloween Wedding Ideas

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