5 Fascinating TMI Questions Every Bride Wants to Know but Won’t Ask

Your mind is probably swirling with a million possibilities about your wedding day. What could go wrong and what do you still need to do as the big day approaches? In addition to questions you can ask a pro, there are other questions you may be afraid to ask. We have the answers on all things TMI for your wedding day.

5 Fascinating TMI Questions Every Bride Wants to Know but Won’t Ask

Yes, a wedding planner and coordinator can help answer all the little details about your big day. However, there are some questions that you might be a little too afraid to ask before you get married. Here are 5 TMI questions every bride has been dying to know but is too scared to ask herself.

5 TMI Questions Brides are Scared to Ask

1. How do I politely tell guests we don’t want kids at our wedding?

Don’t be afraid to tell your guests that this will be an adult-only event. You can even go as far as to address who is invited on your invitation, so there is no mix-up. It might seem a little harsh at first, but at the end of the day, your guests will understand.

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2. Does the bride’s family have to pay for the entire wedding?

It has been a long-standing tradition that the bride’s family will handle most—if not the entire—bill for the wedding. However, this custom is a little bit dated for today’s modern bride. Nowadays, it’s okay to split the wedding cost or even pay for it yourself.

3. How do I go to the bathroom in my wedding dress?

If you have an oversized wedding dress, you might be starting to wonder how you could ever lift it to go to the bathroom. Well, this is what bridesmaids are there for!

Your bridesmaids can be there to help lift or hold your dress for you while you handle the undergarments and get down to business. You could optionally take off your entire dress if it’s easy to get out of. However, this can be a bit much for a short bathroom break.

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4. What do I do if I start my period on my wedding day?

The last thing you want to deal with on your wedding day is tampons and an unexpected period. If you are on the pill, talk to your gynecologist beforehand. They may be able to adjust your schedule to avoid this.

A doctor may be able to help if you visit them ahead of time. If you expect your period, wear a tampon, pad, or period panties to ensure that your dress is stain-free.

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And perhaps the most common of our TMI questions…

5. Is it bad if I’m too tired to have sex on my wedding night?

You may be shocked to find that 25% of newlyweds don’t have sex on their wedding night. Your wedding day is going to be long, and you’ll be up early. It will be just as stressful as it is fun.

It’s okay if you want to take the night off. Don’t put pressure on yourselves to do the deed if you aren’t in the mood. Waiting another day or two won’t hurt anyone.


No matter what kind of wedding your planning or even when your wedding is, chances are you have probably either asked yourself one or most of these questions before. Hopefully, answers to burning questions will help you better plan for your big day.

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Questions Brides are Afraid to Ask on Their Wedding Day

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