5 Beautiful Ways to Honor Deceased Parents on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most special times of your life. And, of course, you want everyone to be there. If either of your parents has passed, there are ways that you can remember them. Here are five thoughtful ways to honor deceased parents.

Thoughtful Ways to Honor Deceased Parents at Your Wedding

When it comes to planning your special day, you want your loved ones to be involved. Of course, one of the hardest struggles can be planning it without one of your parents by your side.

Many couples deal with missing a lost loved one on their special day. It’s natural to miss your mother or father and seek a way to memorialize them in a special way.

You can choose to do something privately for you or honor them publicly for your guests. Either way, here are five beautiful ways you can honor deceased parents on your wedding day.

5 Ways to Honor Deceased Parents

1. Wear something that reminds you of your mom or dad.

One great way to honor a lost parent privately is by wearing something that will remind you of them. This can keep them close to your heart on your special day. It also doesn’t too much attention to their absence.

You can add a special something to your bouquet, such as a picture frame or a necklace. Another option is to wear a pair of your mother’s earrings or have the groom wear their late father’s tie.

Groom Wearing Father's Tie

2. Reserve a seat to honor deceased parents.

It’s tradition to have both the bride and groom’s parents sit on the front row for the ceremony. Instead of filling that seat, have a seat reserved for them.

You can place their ashes on the chair or set up a small memorial for them if you’d like. That way they can have a front-row seat for your special day.

3. Play your mom or dad’s favorite song.

If you’re looking for another private way to honor your deceased parent, play their favorite song at your wedding. This can be a song you dance to with your other parent during the reception.

It could also be a song during cocktail hour or even the song you walk down the aisle to after you say I do. When you choose to play this song will largely depend on the song. However, it can be a nice subtle way to honor them on your special day.

Wedding Music First Dance

4. Create a memory table in their honor.

If you’re looking to incorporate your deceased loved one into your reception, set up a memory table for them. You can arrange a framed photo of family members who have passed.

Another option is to have a box where you can have guests write down a memory they shared with them. You can decorate the table with flowers, or just keep it simple with a frame and some kind words.

5. Recreate your mother’s bouquet to honor her memory.

This is specific to those who have lost their mother. Although it’s a beautiful way to honor her on your wedding day.

Recreate her wedding bouquet on your special day or incorporate some of the flowers into your own bouquet. It’s a fabulous way to add a special touch to your day. What a subtle yet beautiful way to honor her without drawing attention to it.

Wedding Bouquet from Mother

Save these ways to honor deceased parents!

Honoring loved ones on your special day can acknowledge their presence. Additionally, it makes them a part of your special day even when they can’t be there to celebrate.

Losing a loved one is hard, and not having them physically there for your wedding day can be difficult. Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to honor deceased parents on your special in a way that is perfect for you.

Honor Deceased Parents on Your Wedding Day

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