This Festive Christmas Hairpiece DIY is Perfect for Your Wedding Day

If you’re having a December wedding, you may want to include the holidays in your big day. Completing the look with a greenery hairpiece can be the capstone to your wedding day look. Our Christmas hairpiece DIY is simple with our tutorial, and the results are stunning!

This Festive Christmas Hairpiece DIY is Perfect for Your Wedding Day

How to Make a Christmas Hairpiece DIY

Supplies for Your Christmas Garland Hairpiece

  • Fresh greens suitable for Christmas hair accessories, such as evergreens and holly berries
  • Thin, but sturdy wire
  • Hair comb in a neutral color
  • Tacky glue
  • Dowel or wooden handle (such as a spoon or paintbrush)
  • Hairspray
  • Ribbon

Supplies for a Christmas Wedding Hairpiece

Instructions for Your Christmas Floral Hair Piece

  • Pick a midpoint for your comb. You can either use the exact center or go slightly off-center to create Christmas wedding hairpieces.
  • Lay greens on the front of your comb in an arrangement that is pleasing to you, keeping your fingers at your choice midpoint to hold your greenery.
  • Start with the longer, evergreen pieces and place shorter greens on top.
  • Once you are happy with the arrangement, wrap your wire around the midpoint to secure the greens in place. You will need to wrap the wire around several times to adequately secure your greenery.
  • Either cut the wire and secure the end or leave the wire hanging to use later.

Christmas Christmas Wedding Inspiration in Virginia WeddingsWedding Inspiration in Virginia Weddings_0029

  • Lay your holly pieces on top, again in an arrangement that you like while keeping the midpoint in mind.
  • Once you are happy with the layout, wrap the midpoint with wire to secure the holly in place.
  • You can place smaller pieces of green on the midpoint after placing and wrapping the holly on your hairpieces for Christmas.

Christmas Wedding Inspiration in Virginia Weddings

  • As a final (and optional step), cut a length of ribbon for your Christmas hairpiece. Winter weddings don’t need to use holiday ribbon and use one that coordinates with your big day.
  • Wrap the ribbon around the dowel, and use hairspray to hold the shape.
  • Set aside and let the hairspray dry. The ribbon doesn’t need to be hard to the touch, it can be flexible and still hold its shape (just like hair).

Christmas Wedding Inspiration in Virginia Weddings

  • Place the ribbon on your Christmas hairpiece DIY, and select where you want it to go.
  • Use tacky glue to adhere the bow to the midpoint, and also add dots of glue along the length of the bow where you want it to touch the greens. A little glue goes a long way!

Fresh Flowers For Christmas

  • Let your greenery comb dry.
  • Your greenery hairpiece can be stored in the fridge until you want to wear it. You can also spritz it with water (watch out for the bow or add the bow right before wearing it) to keep it fresh.

Christmas Wedding Inspiration in Virginia Weddings

Finished Christmas Hair Piece

Headpieces can be so lovely in a bride’s hair, and this technique can be used any time of year. Summer flowers would look beautiful on a comb as long as they will stay fresh. Here are the results of our DIY Christmas hair comb.

Christmas Wedding Inspiration in Virginia WeddingsBride in a Red Christmas DressCouple with Horse at a Christmas Wedding

Virginia Christmas Wedding Vendors:

Save our Christmas Hairpiece DIY project!

Christmas Hair Piece DIY

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