10 Best Places to Honeymoon in Central America

Looking to go south for a romantic trip but don’t want to head to Mexico? Our list of best places to honeymoon in Central America will have you packing for somewhere warm after the big day!

10 Best Places to Honeymoon in Central America

Central America is often a favorite destination among backpackers and adventure seekers. However, did you know that it also has some perfect places to spend your honeymoon? 

Newlyweds can enjoy all kinds of romantic getaways in Central America. From pristine beach getaways in Belize to bustling cultural gems in Guatemala, there’s something for every couple. And, of course, there is no shortage of romance in these vibrant countries.

Central America is so diverse and has so much to offer that it can be tricky to know where to start. So, to make the task a little less daunting, get ready to discover the best Central American honeymoon destinations for any kind of couple. 

Guatemala Yoga Retreat

Your Central America honeymoon itinerary should include a bit of R&R and yoga to stretch the body and mind.

4 Best Places to Honeymoon in Central America by the Beach

1. Caye Caulker – Belize

Caye Caulker is a beautiful Island just off the coast of Belize—or rather, two islands, now that they have been split down the middle. This area is loved for the wonderfully blue seas and active sea life. With so many beautiful places to stay and stunning white-sand beaches, these islands will not disappoint.

Located only a short boat ride away, you will find the world’s second-largest barrier reef. What could be more romantic than swimming among graceful sea turtles and gentle nurse sharks with your new spouse?

Additionally, you will also find plenty of cute beach bars and restaurants to while away the days as you take your new married life slowly.

The best time to visit Caye Caulker:

The best time to visit Caye Caulker is during the dry season from January through April. 

How to get to Caye Caulker:

You must fly into Belize City Airport and take a 1-hour ferry to the Island.

Caye Caulker Belize

One of the best honeymoon destinations in Central America is Caye Caulker in Belize.

2. Manuel Antonio – Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio is ideal for newlyweds because it has the perfect mix of fun things to do and an easy-going, slow pace perfect for relaxing. You could spend a day on the beach learning to surf together. Another option is to take a couples parasailing ride to see the views along the bay. 

Spend a day inside Manuel Antonio National Park searching for sloths and enjoying the paradise of smaller, more private beaches. Plan to enjoy Manuel Antonio Park first thing in the morning before it gets too crowded around 11 am. 

The best time to visit Manuel Antonio:

Manuel Antonio is a wonderful destination all year round. There are two main seasons, wet and dry, each with its pros and cons. The dry season is from November to May. Therefore, this is the preferred time to visit, thanks to the higher temperatures and lower rainfall.

How to get to Manuel Antonio:

The best way to get to Manuel Antonio is to fly to San Jose, take a tourist shuttle, or hire a rental car. Also, the drive takes around 3 hours.

Manuel Antonio - Costa Rica Beach

Considering honeymoon destinations in Central America? Head to Costa Rica for stunning beaches!

3. Bocas Del Toro – Panama

Bocas Del Toro is another great island getaway. Here you are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches and other ways to spend your time. 

Take a trip to Starfish Beach and swim with the hundreds of starfish in the shallows, or head over to Red Frog Beach to see if you can spot some of these colorful amphibians. Additionally, one of the more romantic and exciting boat trips would be to head to Dolphin Bay in search of local dolphins.

If you are a couple who loves diving, this area will guarantee that you and your partner will make some lasting memories together.

The best time to visit Bocas Del Toro:

The dry season is the best time to visit Bocas Del Toro, and it runs from January to April. During these months, you will have warmer temperatures, clearer skies, and the best water conditions for diving and snorkeling.

How to get to Bocas Del Toro:

You can fly onto Bocas Del Toro, but you will need to fly via Panama City first.

Honeymoon in Bocas Del Toro - Panama

One of the best Central America honeymoon destinations is in Panama.

4. Utila – Honduras

Utila Island is a diver’s paradise. Therefore, if you are a couple who loves the underwater world, this is the place for you. It is a small island with just a few relaxing beaches but endless possibilities when it comes to diving.

You will find more dive shops than anything else on the island to help facilitate your underwater adventures. Additionally, the waters are calm and clear, making for incredible diving year-round. There are also wrecks for you to explore, and the night diving here is out of this world, thanks to minimal light pollution.

The best time to visit Utila:

Utila is another great destination that can easily be enjoyed all year round. However, the summer months of June – August bring some of the best weather conditions, with little rainfall and great temperatures. These are also some of the best months to spot whale sharks in the area.

How to get to Utila:

It is possible to fly to the Island via San Pedro Sula. Alternatively, you can fly to Roatan Island and take a ferry. You can also catch a ferry from La Ceiba on mainland Honduras.

Places to Honeymoon in Central America Utila Honduras

Utila, Honduras, is one of the best Central America honeymoon destinations.

2 Best Places to Honeymoon in Central America for Culture

5. Antigua – Guatemala

Antigua is a small but wonderful city in Guatemala that would make a perfect honeymoon destination. Its cobbled streets, lined with colorful houses, are a wonderful setting for romantic strolls. 

Every hotel, restaurant, or shop you enter leads to beautifully decorated courtyards, perfect for some peace away from the lively streets. There are also countless churches, cathedrals, and monasteries to explore.

You can take part in coffee tours, join a chocolate-making workshop, or wander the local museums hand in hand.

There are also multiple viewpoints on the hills surrounding the city that are perfect for watching the sunset behind the neighboring volcanoes. One of the best is Cerro de La Cruz, just a 20-minute walk from the city center.

The best time to visit Antigua:

Guatemala’s dry season is from November to April, making these the best months to visit Antigua. You will get warm, sunny days and cooler nights. Antigua is also a fantastic place to be around Christmas and New Year.

How to get to Antigua: 

The nearest airport is Guatemala City Airport, which is around an hour’s drive away. You could take an Uber or bus from the airport.

Best Places to Honeymoon in Central America Antigua Guatemala

One of the best places to honeymoon in Central Amerca for cultural experiences is Antigua in Guatemala.

6. Granada – Nicaragua

Granada is a vibrant city in Nicaragua, absolutely full of culture and things to do. One of the best ways to get a natural feel for the country’s history is to join a walking tour of the city. Let a local guide you as they passionately share the stories of their hometown.

Enjoy the romantic views over the city from the top of the Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Las Mercedes, or watch the sunset over the lake.

Granada also has no shortage of great restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a delicious meal for 2.

The best time to visit Granada:

Nicaragua’s dry season, November through May, is the best time to visit.

How to get to Granada:

The best way to Granada is to fly to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. From there, it is about a 50-minute drive to the city center.

Granada - Nicaragua Skyline View for Couples

For the best honeymoon in Central America, go to Nicaragua.

4 Best Places to Honeymoon in Central America for Adventure

7. Santa Ana – El Salvador

Honeymooners often overlook El Salvador. However, if you and your soulmate got married and want a fun and less touristy destination for your trip, then Santa Ana could be just the place for you.

You can explore the nearby Santa Ana Volcano using Santa Ana as a base. Hiking to the top offers incredible views across the country and a glimpse of the unique lake in its crater.

You are also spoilt for choice regarding waterfalls to explore. Consequently, the 7 waterfalls hike is the most exciting and ideal for couples looking for a day of off-the-beaten-path adventures.

The best time to visit Santa Ana:

November to March is El Salvador’s dry season, making this the best time to visit.

How to get to Santa Ana: 

You can easily reach Santa Ana by flying to San Salvador and taking a bus or taxi for an hour and a half.

Santa Ana Volcano El Salvador for Honeymooners in Central America

Looking for the best honeymoon destinations in Central and South America? Don’t overlook El Salvador!

8. San Blas – Panama

The San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama are some of the most picturesque and unspoiled islands in Central America. They make the perfect romantic destination for newlyweds. However, if you are particularly adventurous, the best way to explore them is on a multi-day sailing trip.

Imagine having your own private yacht sail you from island to island to enjoy white sand beaches and rum-filled coconuts. Have all of your meals cooked for you as you watch the sunset over paradise.

Keep your eyes peeled as you sail the open seas for pods of dolphins known to follow sailboats in the area. The San Blas Islands are one of the best places to honeymoon in Central America.

The best time to visit San Blas:

The San Blas Islands are spectacular all year round but have dry and rainy seasons. The rainy season is typically May – December, with these months having less wind and more rain. The dry season is best from January to April, but these months can also be the windiest.

How to get to San Blas: 

To get to the San Blas islands, it is best to fly to Panama City Airport and meet your boat tour company. The sailboats leave from there, and it is around a 3-hour drive, and no public transport goes that way.

Places to Honeymoon in Central America San Blas Islands Panama

For a honeymoon Central America style, head to Panama’s San Blas islands for adventure.

9. Leon – Nicaragua

The city of Leon in Nicaragua is a great base from which to have some real adventures. Put your trust in your new spouse as you hike together up active volcanoes. Additionally, you can camp at the top of some if you fancy incredible sunset views and romantic stargazing. 

You can even go volcano boarding not far from Leon if you are looking for a real adrenaline rush.

Leon is also close to the sea, where the waves are perfect for surfing. The beaches are also ideal for seeing turtles come up to lay their eggs. This is a truly special thing to witness. What could make for better memories on your first vacation as a married couple?

The best time to visit Leon:

As with many other Central American countries, the best time to visit Leon is from November to May.

How to get to Leon:

The best way to get to Leon is to fly into Managua airport and take a bus or taxi to Leon. Leon also has direct shuttles arriving from Antigua, Guatemala, if you plan to explore both regions.

Leon Nicaragua

Looking for Central America honeymoon destinations? Consider Leon, Nicaragua.

10. Monteverde – Costa Rica

Monteverde is the adventure capital of Costa Rica. Situated high up in the cloud forests, you can enjoy a range of thrilling activities here. 

The main attraction drawing in adventure lovers from far and wide is Central America’s longest zipline! There are multiple zipline courses to enjoy, and some even include tandem lines. So you and your beloved can fly through the forest canopies together.

You can also go hiking through the forests in search of local wildlife or explore some of the surrounding waterfalls for a refreshing dip.

The best time to visit Monteverde:

November through April are the ideal months to explore Monteverde, as you will see the least rainfall in this period.

How to get to Monteverde:

It is easiest to get to Monteverde from either San Jose or Liberia. Additionally, public buses go from either city. However, the best way to travel in Costa Rica is by rental car.

Honeymoon in Monte Verde Costa Rica

Have the best honeymoon Central America offers by following our list of suggestions!

3 Tips for a Honeymoon in Central America

Central America is a wonderful place to explore and would make for a truly unforgettable honeymoon. Here are a few final tips to help ensure your magical time.

  1. Book ahead of time – This won’t always be necessary. Still, as with many popular places, things can get booked up days or weeks in advance, especially around public holidays and popular destinations such as Costa Rica. As a result, book this at least 6 months in advance if you want a rental car.
  2. Take mosquito repellent and sunscreen – Sunburn and itchy bug bites are two of the biggest mood killers on any romantic getaway. Therefore, make sure to stay on top of them with plenty of sun cream and bug spray.
  3. Consider safety first – All of the places in this post are perfectly safe for tourists to visit, but it is always wise to remember that scams and petty crime can happen when traveling to a new place. So, leave the fancy diamonds and electronics at home and focus your attention on each other instead. It is your honeymoon, after all.

Save our 10 places for a Central American honeymoon!

Best Places to Honeymoon in Central AmericaPlaces to Honeymoon in Central America

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