14 of the Best Beaches Near Brisbane Australia

If you’re thinking about a beach honeymoon, have you considered heading to Australia? There, you’ll find an urban environment and some of the best beaches near Brisbane. If you’re curious, take a peek at 14 beaches for honeymooners!

14 of the Best Beaches Near Brisbane Australia

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Looking for the best beaches near Brisbane?

Brisbane is sunny Queensland’s vibrant capital. Blessed with a warm subtropical climate and many clear days, spring and summer in the River City provide the perfect opportunities to pack it up and head to the beach

While the central business district doesn’t have much to offer in that department, several stunning nearby islands do. Plus, it is wedged between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, which are also famous for their spectacular sandy coastlines.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere to lap up Australia’s most quintessential pastime, here are the 14 best beaches near Brisbane. They’re all within a 2-hour driving distance, so they’re great to consider for your next seaside getaway.

Brisbane Skyline

The best beaches near Brisbane CBD are on our list.

Best Beaches Near Brisbane – Greater Brisbane

There are plenty of incredible things to do in Brisbane, from climbing the Story Bridge, the longest steel cantilever structure in the country, to riding the iconic City Cats and Kitty Cats up and down the river.

As a city that’s not directly along the coast, there are not many beaches. But that’s not to say there aren’t any, and what it has will surprise you.


1. Streets Beach, South Bank Lagoons, South Bank

Brisbane doesn’t have natural beaches. However, the powers that be decided that people coming to the Queensland capital couldn’t arrive without the opportunity to experience one of the things the country is most synonymous with. That’s where the spectacular South Bank Parklands comes in. 

Beloved by many, including myself, the city is a phenomenal tourist hub along the picturesque banks of the Brisbane River. It has scenic riverside walks, restaurants, venues, playgrounds, and many other beautiful outdoor recreation spaces. As a result, this includes, most notably, several gorgeous swimming lagoons. 

These fantastic resort-style pools are free to use and cater to people of all ages and abilities. Plus, Streets Beach is one of the most popular. People who are unable to venture outside the CBD are able to experience beachside swimming in this beautiful climate. There’s also the added benefit of doing so with lovely views overlooking the city’s towering skyscrapers.

It’s a magical experience that will no doubt be a highlight of your trip to the River City. 

Streets Beach, South Bank Lagoons, South Bank

The best beaches Brisbane area have lovely city views.

2. Tangalooma Beach, Moreton Island

Somewhere that is abundant with breathtaking beaches near Brisbane is Moreton Island. While the world’s third-largest sand island requires a 25-minute drive out of the city and an hour and 15-minute passenger or 90-minute car ferry ride to reach, it’s well worth it as the beach scene is outstanding

A particular highlight is Tangalooma Beach, home to the famous Tangalooma Wrecks. Because of its location on the island’s western side, the sheltered waters around the wreck often have excellent clarity. Snorkeling around the decaying semi-submerged ship and seeing the diverse marine life that now calls it home is phenomenal.

Aside from being one of the best snorkeling spots in South East Queensland, its protected waters make it a great spot for various other water-based activities. You can go canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding, kite surfing, para surfing, and windsurfing.

There’s also a campground directly behind it for people looking to keep the adventure going longer. And the sunset’s pretty good around here, too!

Note: Moreton Island has no sealed roads, so only those with 4WD will be able to traverse around the island by vehicle. 

Tangalooma Beach, Moreton Island

One of the nicest beaches near Brisbane, Tangalooma is a great place to go 4-wheel driving.

Best Beaches Near Brisbane – Moreton Bay

Head north outside the Greater Brisbane region, and you’ll find yourself in the beautiful Moreton Bay Region. With kilometers of coastline and an island accessible by road, there are plenty of beautiful beaches near Brisbane, all within an hour and a half’s drive.

3. Suttons-Margate Beach, Margate

The Redcliffe Peninsula is one of Moreton Bay’s favorite places to visit. It’s also home to some of the nicest beaches less than an hour away from this side of the city. At just 38km and a 40-minute drive away, the side-by-side beaches of Suttons Beach and Margate Beach offer a lovely seaside experience for many kinds of beachgoers.

At an extensive 2km length, the combination of these two beaches forms the longest mainland stretches of beachfront in the region. And thanks to Moreton Island protecting it from receiving the direct impact of the waves, there’s seldom any swell. Therefore, this stretch of sand is perfect for people who aren’t the strongest swimmers, such as kids. Providing even more peace of mind, the Suttons Park end is also patrolled by the Redcliffe Peninsula Surf Club.

The calm waters also make it an excellent place for activities such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, hydro foiling, and windsurfing. It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy pleasant strolls and cycles or scooter rides by the ocean. The boardwalk and 150-year-old Norfolk Pines planted by the first settlers line the entire stretch from Suttons Park to Scotts Point. 

Speaking of Suttons Park, this small coastal reserve just behind the foreshore has a playground, BBQs, and plenty of space for picnics, giving honeymooners an even more rounded beach experience.

Sutton Beach Near Brisbane Australia

Suttons is one of the quiet beaches near Brisbane, Australia.

4. Sylvan Beach, Bribie Island

As the only island connected to the mainland by a bridge, Bribie Island offers a tantalizing beach escape. It’s all without the hassle, expense, and pre-planning that goes into booking idyllic getaways like this.

Rimmed with long stretches of sand, there’s no shortage of places to enjoy relaxing by the water. One of the favorites is Sylvan Beach, which lies on the western side just north of Bribie Bridge. This is a great place to visit for couples looking for a safe place to go swimming. Consequently, the sheltered waters of Pumistone Passage are devoid of waves.

It also means it is a fantastic spot for water-based activities that require calm water, such as stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, or even relaxing in a giant, oversized pool floaty.

It’s also one of the few spots in South East Queensland where you can watch the sunset over the ocean without having to catch a ferry to an island. You can also spot the jagged peaks on the Glass House Mountains from here too.

Sylvan Beach, Bribie Island Best Beaches Australia

Looking for nice beaches near Brisbane? Head to Bribie Island!

Best Beaches Near Brisbane – Redland

The region of Redland lies along the coast just south of Greater Brisbane. While it has plenty of coastline, not much of it is idyllic beachfront. However, there is one notable island that has no shortage of outstanding beaches. And it’s only a 45-minute drive and another 45 minutes to reach on a vehicular ferry.

5. Cylinder Beach, Stradbroke Island

North Stradbroke Island, affectionately known as “Straddie” by locals, is another offshore island full of stunning beaches. One that stands out is Cycliner Beach. 

What sets this gorgeous place apart is that it is conveniently located close to Point Lookout. It’s one of the island’s three places connected by sealed roads. This means that, unlike Moreton Island, people with conventional 2WD vehicles can access the islands, rather than only those high clearance 4WD.

The beach’s northward-facing orientation means that the waves are often smaller than those directly facing the ocean. Therefore, it’s a fantastic spot for people of all ages and abilities to take a dip during good weather conditions. Plus, it’s patrolled by lifeguards, adding that extra measure of safety should something go awry.

However, be extra mindful about staying between the red and yellow flags. As a result, this position also means a strong westerly drift is often present, making it easy to be swept out of the safe zone. 

The beach’s direction also provides excellent surfing opportunities. It consistently offers low right-handers that can increase to 10 feet with large swells. 

Cylinder Beach, Stradbroke Island Best Beaches Near Brisbane

Cylinder beach is one of the best surf beaches near Brisbane.

Best Beaches Near Brisbane – Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is Brisbane’s more exciting, more energized sister city. This vibrant coastal city is known for where the city meets the ocean. Plus, it has an enviable mix of adventure-seeking fun and immersive nature experiences, most notably for having some of the most incredible beaches near Brisbane.

6. Burleigh Heads Beach, Burleigh Heads

What sets Burleigh Heads Beach apart from the Gold Coast’s most popular beaches, like Surfers Paradise, is its laid-back atmosphere. With a foreshore adorned with beautiful pine trees and low-rise buildings, the beach takes the spotlight.

This gorgeous sandy haven provides the perfect spot to sunbake, swim, bodyboard, skimboard, and surf. But there’s more to this favorite spot of mine than just the beach. Running alongside it is Burleigh Hill, a beautiful outdoor space with views overlooking the extensive coastline and the city’s skyline.

There are numerous picnic tables and BBQs, but beware, this is a very popular spot. As a result, snagging one of these spots, especially during the day, is nigh on impossible. 

Somewhere that’s much more peaceful is Burleigh Head National Park, which lies at the other end of the hill. This tranquil remnant rainforest is a hidden gem and home to some of the Gold Coast’s best lookouts, most notably Tumgun Lookout. It overlooks the azure blue waters of Tallebudgera Creek and the spectacular coastline coastline south. It hits the nail on the head when it comes to beaches and places that quintessentially embody the beloved idyllic Australian lifestyle.

Burleigh Heads Beach, Burleigh Heads Australia

Some of the best beaches near Brisbane, Australia, are along the Gold Coast.

7. Tallebudgera Creek and Beach, Tallebudgera

When it comes to incredible beaches near Brisbane, Tallebudgera Creek Beach is a must-mention. Situated an 80-minute drive southeast of the Queensland capital, this stunning place on the southern banks of the creek of the same name has a vibe reminiscent of a tropical island getaway. Plus, it is always on the list as one of the Gold Coast’s best beaches. This is thanks to its golden sands, remarkable azure blue water, and calm waters.

All this makes it a beautiful place to run wild, splash around in the water, and build sand castles. Or you and your partner can sunbathe on the banks, go skimboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking. It’s such a beautiful and idyllic place. As a result, it’s hard to believe it’s on the mainland, 111 km from the River City.

Tallebudgera Creek and Beach, Tallebudgera

Where is the closest beach to Brisbane? There are several, and Tallebudgera ranks as one of the most fun.

8. Broadwater Parklands, Southport

On the western side of the Gold Coast’s iconic Seaway lies the Broadwater Parklands, one of the city’s northernmost sheltered beaches. This expansive riverfront area is just an hour’s drive from the Queensland capital. It’s also perfect for couples seeking a fun-filled day by the water without the choppiness of the ocean.

It’s a fantastic spot for swimming and stand-up paddleboarding. However, be mindful about venturing out too far, as many different vessels use the waterway for commercial reasons, scenic cruises, and water-based adventure activities.

The parklands also have plenty of space to enjoy a picnic. It also occasionally hosts the vegan markets on weekends, which is a great way to try some new culinary delights. 

Broadwater Parklands, Southport Australia

Broadwater is one of the best beaches near Brisbane city.

9. Wave Break Island, Southport

Not far north of the Broadwater Parkland in the middle of the Gold Coast Seaway is Wave Break Island. It is a stunning purpose-built island designed to protect the western foreshore from, as the name suggests, incoming waves eroding the mainland.

Beyond this, it’s also one of the few beaches near Brisbane and on the Gold Coast that has excellent snorkeling opportunities. Swim amongst fish, turtles, and other marine life, discovering all that this protected marine ecosystem has to offer. 

Beaches Near Brisbane Wave Break Island, Southport

Wave Break Island is one of the closest beaches to Brisbane.

10. South Stradbroke Island

When it comes to the best beaches near Brisbane, most people are familiar with the breathtaking beauty of North Stradbroke Island. However, not many are aware of its lesser-known counterpart – South Stradbroke Island. Situated beneath its larger sibling, this narrower hidden gem extends down the coast and forms the other side of the entranceway to the iconic Gold Coast Seaway. 

What sets South Stradbroke Island apart is that the pristine sands are also home to the longest uninterrupted stretches of beach the coastal city has to offer. Additionally, its pristine scenery and relaxed atmosphere provide one of the most pleasantly serene and authentic sea experiences in a bustling urban landscape. The extra effort to get there is well worth the effort.

South Stradbroke Island Gold Coast Australia

It may not be the closest nice beach to Brisbane, but South Stradbroke is wort

Best Beaches Near Brisbane – Sunshine Coast

On the other side, the Sunshine Coast offers a beachside experience vastly different from the Gold Coast. This spectacular region north of Brisbane is known for its slower pace and more peaceful experience. That extends wholeheartedly to its quaint towns and beautiful beaches, which epitomize the idyllic Australian lifestyle. 

11. Dicky Beach & Moffatt Beach, Caloundra

On the northern side of Moffat Headland, in the coastal destination hotspot of Caloundra, lies Dicky Beach and Moffatt Beach. These are two of the Sunshine Coast’s best side-by-side ocean-facing beaches closest to Brisbane. 

Stretching over 800 meters south of Currimundi Lake, the patrolled Dicky Beach faces a slightly northerly direction. Additionally, it has an average wave height of 1m, providing a moderately safe beach experience under general conditions. This fact makes it an ideal choice for beach lovers.

South of that and closest to the headland lies Moffatt Beach. This fantastic spot boasts calmer waves, making it perfect for newlyweds seeking a more relaxed beach experience. Smaller swells and fewer hazards make it one of the safest places to swim in the ocean on the Sunshine Coast. However, this stretch of beach is NOT patrolled by lifeguards.

What makes this beautiful place unique is its proximity to Tooway Creek, which ends just before the ocean. Therefore, it’s an excellent location for those who want to get the best of both worlds. On the oceanside, you can splash around in the water and go skimboarding and skipboarding. While in the creek, you can enjoy snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, or just floating on the water and watching the clouds go by. 

Dicky Beach & Moffatt Beach, Caloundra Australia Near Brisbane

Looking for Sunshine Coast beaches close to Brisbane? Dicky and Moffatt are perfect!

12. Maroochydore Beach & Alexandra Headland Beach, Maroochydore

More fantastic beaches can be found at Maroochydore, the Sunshine Coast’s only seaside city. The collective side-by-side beaches of Maroochydore and Alexandra Headland Beach offer an enticing blend of small-time urban charm and beachside tranquillity. They are a 90-minute drive away, and are a gorgeous stretch of golden sand just in front of the city’s finest beachfront accommodations. 

These east-north-east facing beaches are fantastic all-round beaches. Additionally, they have good conditions for swimming and boogie-boarding. The gentle waves average around 1m at Maroochydore Beach and slightly lower at Alexandra Headland. However, it’s important to note that rips are common along this shoreline. For safety, always swim between the red and yellow flags, where lifeguards are stationed to provide assistance when needed.

Maroochydore Beach Near Brisbane Australia

This duo is one of the best quiet beaches near Brisbane.

13. Cotton Tree Beach, Noosa

Not far away from Maroochydore Beach lies the Maroochy River. And just inland from there lies one of the best beaches near Brisbane for couples who love steady waters

Cotton Tree Beach is a beautiful spot renowned for its calm waters. It’s an excellent choice for couples looking to splash around in the shallows, build sandcastles, and maybe even try snorkeling, especially since it’s also patrolled by lifeguards.

For more adventurous couples, the still waters provide the perfect conditions for activities like stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, which is a great way to combine adventure and relaxation into your beachside holiday.

Cotton Tree Beach, Noosa

Does Brisbane have nice beaches? There are several close by!

14. First Bay Beach, Coolum

One of the most gorgeous beaches within a two-hour drive from Brisbane is the Sunshine Coast’s First Bay. Located in the picturesque seaside town of Coolum, 122km away, this stunning hidden cove is surrounded by rugged cliffs. As a result, this creates one of the most beautifully framed stretches of beachfront on this side of the CBD.

While not patrolled, First Bay is a beloved spot for casual couples seeking an enjoyable stroll, a refreshing swim, or even some surfing. It’s especially nice to enter the water after hiking the friendly neighborhood of Mt Coolum. The magnificent views overlooking the coastline and inland give even more reason to venture out to this stunning seaside destination.

The town’s natural beauty also makes it a hotspot for wedding ceremonies and engagement shoots, especially at Point Perry, where First Bay provides a spectacular backdrop.

First Bay Beach, Coolum Australia
Asking yourself, does Brisbane have good beaches? Our guide will help you decide!

FAQ About the Best Beaches Near Brisbane

What is the closest decent beach to Brisbane?

The nicest beaches close to Brisbane are the ones on the Redcliffe Peninsula. It’s 38km away and would take about 40 minutes to drive in good traffic conditions.

Does Brisbane have any good beaches?

Brisbane is not known for beaches as it is an inland river city. It only has Streets Beach in the South Bank Parklands, which is a beautiful spot. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fantastic place I adore, but it’s not a naturally occurring place.

For that, you’d have to look further out, but even the coastline closest to it doesn’t have the greatest because. However, those willing to travel further out to the Redcliffe Peninsula, across to one of the several nearby islands, or even to the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast will find absolutely no shortage of phenomenal beaches. 

Best Beaches Near Brisbane Australia

What is the most popular beach in Brisbane?

The beach in Brisbane that attracts the most visitors is Streets Beach, which is located in the heart of South Bank Parklands. Although it’s a man-made beach, it still offers a unique urban swimming experience. Streets Beach is a popular spot for both locals and tourists to relax, swim, and enjoy the sunshine right in the middle of the city.

Can you swim at beaches in Brisbane?

Yes, you can definitely swim at the beaches in Brisbane! With a subtropical climate, Brisbane enjoys warm weather for most of the year, making it perfect for a refreshing dip in the ocean.

How far is Brisbane to the closest beach?

The closest beach to Brisbane is Redcliffe Beach, a short drive from the city center. This family-friendly beach offers calm waters for swimming, as well as a scenic esplanade lined with cafes, shops, and playgrounds. w

Which Sunshine Coast beach is close to Brisbane?

Mooloolaba Beach is located approximately 97 kilometers (60 miles) north of Brisbane. Visitors can enjoy swimming, surfing, or simply relaxing on the beach.

Why is Gold Coast so famous?

Of course, one of the main reasons is its beautiful beaches. The Gold Coast is also known for its world-class theme parks, vibrant nightlife, shopping precincts, and dining options, making it a popular destination.

Check out these beachside activities near Brisbane.

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Save the best beaches near Brisbane!

While the River City may not be synonymous with beaches, couples willing to venture out of the city and drive for a while will find many fantastic beaches near Brisbane. Most are within a couple of hours’ drive out of the CBD—and even more if you combine that with catching a ferry.

Best Beaches Near Brisbane AustraliaBest Beaches Near Brisbane

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