How to Have Stunning Custom Engagement Rings Designed

Part of the fun of getting engaged is getting to wear a little—or big—something on your left hand. Couples who long for unique engagement rings can find a jeweler to create one. Custom engagement rings open up a whole realm of artistic ring design ideas. So, if custom rings are for you, then take a peek at the process to design a ring.

How to Have Stunning Custom Engagement Rings Designed | Hill City Bride | Unique Engagement Rings

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Considering Custom Engagement Rings

From the day a couple determines they are right for each other, tradition has it that the bride-to-be has something wonderful to look forward to – an engagement ring! But, when it comes to the hunt for the perfect piece, sometimes what a jeweler has on hand isn’t quite the right fit.

Scouring the selection of vintage rings can often bring about ideas. But sometimes a couple loves unique engagement rings or wants to incorporate sentimental metals or precious stones.  Considering a one-of-a-kind design is perfect!

Creating Custom Rings with a Jeweler

We consulted with Robert Moses, Master Jeweler at Bowen Jewelry Company, to demystify the process of custom engagement rings. Having a custom ring – engagement and/or wedding – designed isn’t as difficult or as expensive as you might think!

Bowen does all of the custom rings in-house, which makes it economical. You also have the assurance that everything is handled in one location.

Unique Engagement Rings | Design Engagement Ring | Hill City Bride

Custom engagement rings can be beautifully presented during a proposal.

Before you head out for custom rings, have some idea of what you would like in budget and style. Peruse Pinterest and take a peek at what rings are already in the store to gain inspiration.

Think about any precious metals and/or gemstones you already have that you want to incorporate. Bowen can work within your budget to design a ring that is just right for you. After you have an idea of what you want, you’re ready to head on out.

Generating Ring Design Ideas

Based on the couple’s ideas and inspiration, a concept is sketched. This is viewed in-store or emailed. A price estimate is also included.

Once the ring design ideas are approved and the cost assessed, the couple drops off any metal or stones they would like to incorporate.

Design Engagement Ring | Unique Ring Designs | Hill City BrideDesign a Ring | Custom Rings | Hill City Bride

Beginnings of Making Custom Rings

Wax – which comes in a tubelike form – is selected and carefully carved into a wax ring. The wax ring is adhered to what is called a “sprue”, and a type of plaster called “investment” is poured around it so that a form can be made.

Unique Ring Designs | Custom Rings | Hill City BrideCustom Engagement Rings | Hill City Bride | Design Engagement Ring

Next Steps to Make Custom Rings

Once the investment is set, the wax is melted and vacuumed out. This process leaves an impression of the carved wax ring inside. The investment then becomes the plaster mold into which the precious metal is poured in order to cast the ring.

Afterward, the metal is melted, and a centrifugal caster is utilized to thrust the liquid into the mold. The process of centrifugation quickly forces the metal into the mold, which takes about 30 seconds.

Design a Ring | Custom Rings Design | Hill City Bride

Final Steps for Unique Ring Designs

The investment with the cast ring inside is then immersed in water. This process causes the plaster to disintegrate, leaving a rough ring.

Then the ring is then filed, smoothed, and polished. Hand engraving can be added if desired. Stones are set into place.

Vintage Rings | Unique Ring Designs | Hill City BrideVintage Rings | Design a Ring | Hill City BrideRing Design Ideas | Custom Designed Engagement Ring | Hill City Bride

Completing Custom Engagement Rings

Voila! The ring can then be picked up, and the proposal is underway! Custom engagement rings are hard to say “no” to, of course.

Isn’t it beautiful? Many thanks to Michelline Hall Photography for capturing our lovely photos of the process to design a ring. Thank you to Bowen Jewelry Company for letting us have a sneak peek of their custom engagement rings design process!

Vintage Rings Diamond Marquis Engagement Ring | Custom Rings | Hill City Bride

In need of a place to set your ring? Check out these DIY ring dish, or make your own DIY ring dish to display your beautiful custom rings.

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