12 Ways to Incorporate Types of Chocolate Into Your Wedding

When it comes to chocolate facts, one thing reigns true – it’s a favorite! There are many different types of chocolate available, so if you crave the taste, be sure to include it on your wedding day. From chocolate favors to an elaborate German chocolate wedding cake, take a peek at our 12 ways to include the flavor into your wedding day.

12 Ways to Include Types of Chocolate on Your Wedding Day | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

Incorporating Your Favorite Types of Chocolate

Whether you adore the palest white chocolate or are a die-hard who reaches for 100% dark chocolate (kudos to you as that’s fairly bitter!), it’s best to skip the fountain – it’s a bit passe and germy – and go with other creative ways to have the sweet incorporated in your wedding.

1. Swap out the chocolate wedding cake for ice cream.

Lots of couples want to opt for something other than cake, so why not offer flavors of ice cream or gelato instead? A dessert bar can be centered around the frozen treat with toppings such as sprinkles, nuts, and syrups. Eco-friendly cups and spoons can make for a sustainable way to offer individual servings, too.

Wedding Ice Cream | Chocolate Brands | Hill City Bride

Have ice cream instead of a chocolate cake for your reception.

2. Hide chocolate inside another treat as a fun surprise.

A bomb is a tasty alternative to ice cream, but it’s also frozen and sweet. The way a dessert bomb is constructed also allows for a bit of chocolate to be hidden inside for something unexpected. It’s also the perfect opportunity to combine flavors with chocolate, such as raspberry or peanut butter. Yum!

Chocolate Bomb Dessert | Hill City Bride Virginia Weddings

Hide chocolate inside of another wedding dessert, such as a bomb, as a surprise.

3. Warm-up a winter wedding with hot chocolate.

Yes, you can eat chocolate, but it’s so much better when you can drink it on a chilly day. This is such a fun way to greet your reception guests! Instead of a cocktail, hand them a mug of hot chocolate. You could spike it if you want to add a bit of extra warmth. Delicious!

Wedding Hot Chocolate Dessert | Hill City Bride Weddings

To spike or not spike your hot chocolate? That is the question.

4. Give each guest a mini chocolate cake.

Everything is more fun in miniature, especially when it comes to a chocolate wedding cake. Set them at each plate, or have them delivered to each table after the meal. Either way, having tiny desserts is always a delight while making sure that a large piece of cake doesn’t go to waste.

Mini Chocolate Cake | Wedding Blog | Hill City Bride

Mini chocolate wedding cakes are a perfect way to serve individual desserts.

5. Give your cupcakes a serious upgrade.

Ok, yes cupcakes have been overdone – not in the oven, but at events – but if that’s what you want, then do so with some serious style. Have your cake artist add fun elements to the top of the individual cakes to add an extra element of interest or to coordinate with your wedding day theme.

Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes | Hill City Bride

Chocolate wedding cupcakes can be pepped up with fun toppings to add interest.

6. Opt for brownies – a la mode.

Cake and ice cream go hand in hand, and a brownie is a dense version of chocolate cake, so why not top it with ice cream? Guests can enjoy themselves at a brownie bar, or you can have individually served treats. Either way, a warm brownie topped with chilly ice cream can be so tasty!

Brownie a la Mode Wedding Dessert | Hill City Bride

Brownie a la mode as a wedding dessert? Yes, please!

7. Serve mini chocolate pies or tartlets.

By know you know that individualized servings can be a big hit, especially when it comes to serving various types of chocolate. Top mini tartlets or chocolate pies with fruit, 100% dark chocolate shavings, or mint leaves to create added interest to an already lovely treat.

Chocolate Pies Wedding Tartlets | Hill City Bride

Mini tartlets can be topped with fruit or 100% dark chocolate bars shavings.

8. Add chocolate frosted to your donut bar.

If you are already considering a donut bar as a wedding cake alternative, all you have to do is add chocolate frosted (a plain donut with chocolate frosting) or chocolate cake glazed (a chocolate donut covered in clear glaze) to your list, and voila! It’s as simple as that.

Chocolate Cake Donuts | Chocolate Doughnuts Wedding | Hill City Bride Virginia Blog

Chocolate cake or chocolate frosted donuts can be added to your donut wall.

9. Have a spiked milkshake bar.

And adult milkshake bar is easily adapted for the kiddos – just make them sans alcohol. Choose a flavor of milkshake, and have guests top their drinks with fun additives that include chocolate. Syrups can also be drizzled inside the glass before the milkshakes are poured, but what a fun addition to your wedding reception this would be!

Spiked Milkshake Bar | Hill City Bride Virginia Wedding Blog

An adult milkshake bar is a creative dessert alternative that can include chocolate.

10. Say thank you with chocolate wedding favors.

There are a plethora of ways to say thanks with chocolate wedding favors. Give your guests European chocolate bars, or give them mini boxes of chocolate truffles. Wedding candy favors are always a hit, and it’s a big bonus when they’re chocolate favors. Delightful!

Chocolate Wedding Favors | Wedding Candy Favors | Hill City Bride

Chocolate wedding favors are always a big hit with guests. 

11. Serve a chocolate signature cocktail.

Ask your bartender to create a fun, specialty cocktail for your wedding reception for your attendees to enjoy as they dance the night away. It’s even better when it’s topped with a chocolate chip cookie! Offer a nonalcoholic version, too, which will delight all of your guests as they sip away.

Signature Cocktail Chocolate Wedding | Hill City Bride

A signature cocktail is a creative way to incorporate chocolate.

12. And, yes, have a chocolate wedding cake!

If you have your heart set on a German chocolate wedding cake, then go for it! Chocolate cake is really popular, and you can even incorporate various types of chocolate, such as white and dark, into the batter and icing. Guests will delight in the flavor, and how you choose to decorate the outside is up to you.

Chocolate Wedding Cake | Chocolate Cake | Hill City Bride

Yes, a chocolate wedding cake is an appropriate choice to include types of chocolate!

Considering Various Types of Chocolate

Was there one that stuck out to you in particular, or do you have another way to include different types of chocolate desserts into your big day? No matter what, it’s a flavor that has stood the test of time. Have fun planning!

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