7 Fabulous Things to Know When Traveling to Italy for the First Time

Planning a trip to Italy can make a fabulous honeymoon! However, there are things to know when traveling to Italy for the first time. If you are traveling to Italy from the US, here’s what you need to know before you go. 

Fabulous Things to Know When Traveling to Italy for the First Time


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Whether you are traveling to Nice for the first time or spending a luxurious 10 days in Italy on a Vespa, here are a few things to know when traveling to Italy for the first time.

7 Things to Know When Traveling to Italy

1. Know the best time to travel to Italy.

Just like many other countries, one of the facts about traveling to Italy is that it is best to go when the weather is good and school is in session. If you are wondering the best time to visit Italy, the months of April through early June plus September and October are ideal.

These times see fewer visitors and less-touristy prices while still offering reasonable temperatures.

2. Skip the lines at famous sites by booking your ticket before you travel.

Italy is one of the most popular European countries to visit, so you want to see as much as you can while you are there. No one wants to waste time standing in line for tickets, so book yours ahead of time for popular attractions.

That way you can spend more time enjoying attractions instead of being frustrated by a queue.

Things to Know When Traveling to Italy First Trip to Italy Suggestions Visiting Venice

3. You may have to pay to use the restroom when visiting Italy.

As far as things to know before traveling to Italy, this one is essential as it takes many travelers off-guard. If you are dining at a restaurant or café, most will offer bathrooms for the use of their customers but beware of public restrooms.

Often there is an attendant that you need to pay or a coin slot to enter the stall. Have change on hand for using the restrooms when visiting Italy. This is especially important if you’re doing road trips in Italy as you may be stopping often 

4. Look out for extra charges at cafes – one of the little known Italy tips.

If you are trying to travel to Italy on a budget, this is one area where finances can go awry in a hurry. Cafes and restaurants have a small cover charge. Therefore, you will most likely have to pay for anything they bring to the table, including bread.

Another tip is to drink your coffee while standing up, as you can avoid the charge of sitting at a table. So, if you want to travel Italy on a budget, get used to drinking your morning joe standing at the counter instead of seated. Experience the flavor that Italy has to offer, but just do it carefully.

Things to Know When Traveling to Italy How to Prepare for a Trip to Italy Italian Food Pizza
Planning a trip to Italy? Watch out for extra charges while eating in restaurants in Italy.

5. The best way to see Italy for the first time is to use public transport.

Like many European countries, there are several modes of public transportation, which can help lessen the cost of the first trip to Italy. Suggestions for transport from city to city include buses and either a high speed or local train.

If you are renting a car, some ferries can carry vehicles, or you can take a boat across popular waterways. Major cities contain metro systems, which are inexpensive and convenient for checking things off of your first trip to Italy itinerary.

6. Learn a bit of the language before visiting Italy.

This may be one of the most considerate tips. For first time Italy visitors, it is helpful to learn a few phrases and words, and don’t feel guilty about carrying around a cheat sheet!

Trying to communicate with locals shows that you are putting forth an effort, and it just feels good to be able to have small successes when communicating. Of course, many Europeans speak several languages, including English, but a little bit of lingo will go a long way.

Things to Know When Traveling to Italy What to Wear in Italy Trip Planner

7. Dress like a local when you consider what to wear in Italy.

One of the big no-nos when traveling to Italy is not dressing correctly. Not that this area should be a stressor, but packing smart is how to prepare for a trip to Italy. Italians care greatly about their appearance, so be sure to kick it up a notch and dress a bit better when you are visiting.

It’s also a fun way to test out some of those pieces in your closet that you have been afraid to wear, or you can shop for a few new looks. Take a peek at a few of our stylish suggestions of what to wear in Italy from Rent the Runway below, and just click on an image to see more.


Need one last tip on how to prepare for a trip to Italy? As with any trip, book travel insurance before you head out. You never know when your Italian vacation may need to be postponed or if you will need medical assistance while on the go.

Save These Things to Know When Traveling to Italy

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