5 Amazing Tips on How to Use Pallets for Gardening at Home

When setting up a space for your garden area that isn’t permanent, DIY pallet gardening is the perfect solution. Don’t hold off on your plans for a lush outdoor space just because you’re renting or have minimal space. Our 5 tips on how to use pallets for gardening will have you growing veggies and flowers in a hurry!

How to Use Pallets for Gardening at Home

Wood pallet gardening is fabulous for small spaces.

Everyone tends to think that they need a ton of space to create a massive garden. However, that’s not necessarily accurate. As long as you have an area where you can set up a pallet, that’s all the space that you’ll need.

Here is everything you need to know about how to use a pallet for gardening. You truly can create a garden in any size of outdoor space.

5 Tips – How to Use Pallets for Gardening

1. Only use wood pallets that are safe for gardening.

Don’t just pick up a random pallet and assume that it’s safe. Some pallets are treated with chemicals that can leak or seep into the soil. It’s pallet gardening 101! If you don’t know, ask the company or place that you’re getting it from. Be certain that your pallet is made of good old-fashioned wood.

DIY Pallet Gardening Ideas

2. Plan ahead and buy your soil in advance.

Since a pallet isn’t a huge space, you won’t need a lot of soil to fill it. Typically 2-3 bags of soil is sufficient. However, if you feel as though it’s not enough, be flexible and add another bag or two to the mix. You don’t want too much soil in your DIY pallet garden. However, you need to have enough for your seeds and plants to grow.

3. Pallet gardening beds can be vertical or horizontal.

Pallets work well for gardening because they can be used vertically or horizontally, depending on the space. However, most people will use them vertically. That way, they’ll take up minimal space and also do a stellar job of draining excess rainwater as well.

4. Small veggies and herbs work well when DIY pallet gardening.

Keep in mind that you’re not going to be able to grow massive amounts of plants. You also can’t use vegetables that are heavy or take up a ton of space. Vegetables such as kale, peas, cherry tomatoes, and herbs are the main types of garden plants that work well in pallet gardens.

You can also use your pallet gardening beds to plant a wide variety of beautiful flowers. Flowers are a nice, colorful addition to create a warm and bright space.

How to Use a Pallet for Gardening Vegetables

5. DIY pallet gardening is low maintenance.

Since you’re dealing with a smaller garden space, it’s going to be less work. Keep the pallet garden hydrated. Also, make certain that it gets enough sun. With these pallet gardening tips, you should be able to have a thriving garden space with minimal effort on your part.

These simple tips for pallet gardening ideas will help you get started quickly and easily. After a few short weeks and months, you’ll love being able to have your very own homegrown veggies and herbs literally right outside your door. 

Know how to use pallets for gardening—save it!

Pallet Gardening Tips

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