10 Tips for Surviving Living in an RV Full Time With Your Spouse

Do you want to start traveling more as a couple or even take an extended honeymoon? If so, RV living full-time can be a great option! With the world at your fingertips and the GPS on your phone, you can take time to explore. Although close quarters can make you wonder how to survive living in an RV full time with your partner. We’ve got ten tips to set you up for success.

10 Tips for Surviving Living in an RV Full Time With Your Spouse

Why consider living in an RV Full time?

The idea of the open road and time spent with your sweetheart have convinced many to take some time RVing. Remote work positions are on the rise and camping has become a popular pastime. It’s no wonder so many people have started living in RVs full time! Here are ten tips for living in an RV long-term.

10 Tips for Living in an RV Full Time

1. Good communication is key for a fabulous RV honeymoon.

Living in a tight space with anyone can drive you a little crazy. Make sure that you learn to communicate well with your partner. After all, it’s not like you can get away to another room in most RVs.

RV Honeymoon Ideas

Setting off as newlyweds in an campervan on an RV honeymoon creates a memorable experience.

2. Utilize the outdoors as much as you can.

RVs are known for being small, but the outdoors is limitless. Don’t be afraid to spend more time outdoors to keep you from feeling so cramped.

3. Don’t overpack or fill your RV with too much stuff.

We all tend to overpack, and in an RV, it will cost you your space. Stick to just the basics and slowly build up your stock of what you need. Even if you’re taking a van road trip, you’ll need campervan accessories to make the trip safe and successful.

4. Know where you will—and can—stay.

Not all campsites will accept RVs, so do your research ahead of time. Know what campsites can and can’t be accessible by RVs during the year.

5. Take things slowly when living in an RV full time.

RVing can make you feel like you constantly need to hit the road together and explore all the time. It’s okay to spend an extra day or two if you find a spot you like.

Couple on an RV Honeymoon Road Trip

Set your honeymoon road trip and RV lifing up for success with good planning and frank conversations.

6. Split up the RV driving duties on your honeymoon.

Don’t make one person do all the driving on your road trip. This might sound like an excellent way to split responsibilities. However, driving, especially long distances, can get exhausting quickly.

7. Know your RV inside and out.

Being knowledgeable about your RV will help you both know what to do when something goes wrong. It will also maximize both your space and experience in your motor home.

8. Keep things organized on your RV honeymoon.

It’s one thing to have a messy home; it’s another to have a messy RV. Encourage each other to keep things organized. Therefore, put items back when not in use to maximize your living space.

Couple Enjoying an RV Road Trip

Living in an RV full time or on a honeymoon allows you to see lots of sights in one road trip.

9. Go with the flow while you’re on the road.

RV living isn’t always about the destination. It’s about exploring and getting out into the world. Even if that means some unexpected stops or a few places you didn’t expect to like as much as you did. Take things one day or even a week at a time and see where your RV and each other take you.

10. Expect the unexpected while living in an RV full time.

Your RV will likely break down, or something will not work. Be prepared and know what to do and warning signs to look out for. The more you are prepared for the just-in-case scenarios, the better your RV living experience will be.

No matter how long you plan on staying in an RV, hopefully, this has given you some helpful insight into what you need to know before living in an RV.

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Living in an RV Full Time on a Honeymoon

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