6 Best Revenge Travel Trends to Inspire a Blissful Honeymoon

After staying put for a while, folks are anxious to get out and about. Perhaps you had to postpone your honeymoon or you’re looking forward to one right after your upcoming wedding day. Either way, take a cue from six revenge travel trends that will inspire a blissful vacation with your love.

6 Best Revenge Travel Trends to Inspire a Blissful Honeymoon

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We’ve all been cooped up at home. Additionally, many vacation spots starting to open their doors once again, and we are all beginning to look into travel plans. 

Some couples had to put their honeymoon on hold while they were saving up money. Others are finally ready to dive into your honeymoon plans now that folks are prepared to sightsee again. Either way, it’s time to start planning!

You might not necessarily need to incorporate revenge travel trends for your honeymoon. However, you can use these ideas to help inspire you to rethink your travel plans. Here are our six travel tips to get you out and about once again.

6 Revenge Travel Trends to Inspire Your Honeymoon

1. Explore the great outdoors while honeymooning.

After spending so much time indoors, it’s finally time to stretch our legs and get outside. Plus, outdoor activities are encouraged to get the fresh air we all crave.

Last year left most of us confined to our home cities. Therefore many of us will be listening to our own call of the wild and getting out in nature. Outdoor destinations are trendy this time of year. Additionally, they are an excellent way for you to escape your city after being stuck inside for so long.

Couple Outside in Virginia Mountains on Honeymoon

2. Book sanitary travel accommodations as you travel.

Staying healthy and having hygienic living conditions are things we should have been more aware of before. However, now safety is more critical than ever.

As a result, we are starting to look into safer lodging options with more personal sanitary spaces. Think about booking a whole-home rental, Airbnb, campsite, train cabin, or RV. These are preferred to staying at a hotel with many points of contact.

Not that hotels can’t be sanitary, just that there are usually more common areas than an entire home rental. Heading to a place that minimizes contact with others will put your mind at ease.

RV Honeymoon Couple City

3. Take an extended vacation for your honeymoon.

Typical honeymoons are anywhere from a short weekend away to a few weeks. However, a noticeable trend lately has been to go on a more extended vacation.

Consider traveling for a month or even a few months to backpack around Europe or see a few different cities instead of just one. Plus, taking more time can allow you to truly invest in your partner after months of planning for the big day.

Couple Honeymoon Porto Portugal

4. Immerse yourself in the local area while you’re away.

When folks travel, they tend to sample what the area they’re staying in has to offer. People hit the tourist hot spots just like all the other travelers coming to visit.

But, instead, immerse yourself in the local area by vacationing like a local. Eat at the restaurants and visit the spots locals would, and you’ll have a completely different experience. A great way to get started is to visit a locally owned boutique or cafe and chat with folks about hidden gems.

Busy Cafe Honeymoon Revenge Travel Stops

5. Spend more time relaxing on your honeymoon.

Instead of always being on the go and always having something planned, try to spend more time relaxing on your vacation. Of course, this is most commonly seen in those sun and sand places.

However, there is nothing like sitting on your balcony with a nice drink in hand and just watching the sunset. Even if you’re in the middle of a city, people watching from your room can be delightful and relaxing.

Girl on Balcony in Bermuda on Honeymoon

6. Allow yourself to splurge on these revenge travel trends.

After more than a year of feeling restricted, many travelers feel more inclined to spend a little more. And that’s ok! Take the opportunity to treat yourself now that travel has once again become an option.

Sunshine & Good Vibes | Swim to wear for those warm sunny days ahead!

Upgrades and more luxurious accommodations are now a way to make up for lost time. Take advantage of this by making your honeymoon special by splurging a little. You only honeymoon once, so go for it!

Mexico Resort Honeymoon Couple

Revenge Travel Ideas

Need some inspiration? Find a few ideas to plan your next trip below.

Domestic Ideas to Fuel Your Revenge Travel Experience

International Ideas to Head to When You’re Ready to Travel Again


Save these ideas on revenge travel trends!

Honeymoons happen once in a lifetime unless you are getting remarried, so this experience should be once-in-a-lifetime memorable. Hopefully, you found these trends helpful in planning your honeymoon. Try something new as you think about your vacation with the one you love.

Revenge Travel Trends

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