5 Best Wedding Skincare Products from Kora Organics for a Flawless Face

Every couple wants to look radiant and beautiful on their big day. Consequently, it all starts with a glowing wedding skincare routine! But before you put chemicals and synthetic ingredients on your face, consider going holistic and organic. If you want a flawless face on your special day, here are five wedding skincare products that come to the rescue.

Best Wedding Skincare Products from Kora Organics

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Pre Wedding Skincare at Home

Before your big day, it’s important to start your wedding skincare regimen. And not only should you consider quality products, but think about the ingredients in your products. Now more than ever before folks are becoming aware that ingredients should be top of mind.

Also, start your wedding skincare prep well before the big day. You shouldn’t start with any new products close to your wedding day. Doing so can lead to breakouts as your face gets used to a new wedding skincare routine. Therefore, test out new products at least a month before the big day.

When it comes to clean ingredients, here’s what you should look for in wedding skincare products.

  • Kind to Animals – Look for labels, such as vegan, cruelty-free, and not tested on animals. Some—like Kora Organics—bear a PETA label as proof. Definitely be kind to other beings when purchasing your wedding skincare set.
  • Organic – Pesticides are bad to consume, whether that’s in our mouth or on our skin. Organic products are plant-based and are grown without harsh chemicals. These products are also “free” of harmful things, such as artificial fragrances, toxins, and artificial colors. The ingredients in Kora are also certified organic.
  • Readable Ingredient Lists – If you can read what’s in your skincare, that’s a good thing. Of course, if you’re a scientist you get a pass on knowing what the chemicals are, but then you should know they aren’t good to put on your skin. Things like aloe vera and seawater are pure and easy to read because they aren’t filled with synthetic jargon.

Best Wedding Skincare Products from Kora Organics

Whether you want a flawless face or you want to invest in your wedding party, take a peek at the products below. Kora Organics is thoughtful about their line, and they truly get creative with their ingredients.

1. CLEANSE – Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil

If you took science in high school, you may remember that “like dissolves like.” Although using oil to cleanse your face may seem counterintuitive, just think about it. Water repels oil, and soap can be drying to the face. Good, clean oil can whisk away bad oil, leaving your face hydrated and fresh.

The Milky Mushroom Gentle Cleansing Oil ($40) is kind to skin while being able to cut through stubborn makeup, too. Who knew that mushrooms could be good for your skin? Actually, I do now! I love this cleansing oil, and it leaves my face feeling fresh and clean without any drying effects.

Mushroom Facial Cleansing Oil

2. NOURISH – Vitamin C Serum

Serums are all the rage nowadays, and Vitamin C is also increasing in popularity due to its benefits. C helps brighten and even skin tone, and it can also firm skin, especially as we age. The Vitamin C Serum ($68) contains olive leaf extract and red pepper (a powerful source of antioxidants) to further enhance the skin.

Kora Organics Vitamin C Serum for Wedding Skincare

3. MOISTURIZE – Turmeric Glow Moisturizer

This moisturizer truly is a hero. Before I get into what it can do for your skin, let me just say that the packaging is brilliant. The moisturizer comes in a beautiful, crystalline container, which I thought was wasteful at first. That is UNTIL I realized that it’s refillable! You can order pods when you need to stock up. What a fabulous idea!

The Turmeric Glow Moisturizer ($58) is thick but not heavyweight, which means that a little goes a long way. It’s an ultra-rich hydrator that improves skin as it brightens tone, lessens fine lines, and counteracts hyperpigmentation. What a powerhouse!

Kora Organics Tumeric Glow Moisturizer

4. HYDRATE – Noni Glow Face Oil

Again, oils hydrate your skin more than water ever could. Noni is found in the South Pacific Islands. It is full of vitamins and minerals and is also known for its regenerative attributes. All of this works together to benefit your skin.

Noni Glow Face Oil ($68) also contains rosehip oil, pomegranate, and sea buckthorn. This perfect combination helps to repair and rejuvenate skin so that you can look your best on your big day!

Noni Glow Face Oil Kora Wedding Skincare Regimen

5. FOCUS – Noni Radiant Eye Oil

If there’s one area on the face everyone is concerned about, it’s the eyes. We laugh, we smile, and it all seems to show up in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. The eyes are subject to this as crow’s feet and undereye pigmentation appear.

Use wedding party to keep your eye area moisturized and youthful. With ingredients like coffee seed oil, tomato, marine bamboo extract, and noni fruit extract, it’s a fabulous combination for your eyes.

Noni Eye Oil Kori Organics Bridal Skincare

Add Kora to your wedding glow skincare kit!

Don’t see what you need? Kora Organics has a wedding party for your wedding day needs. Masks, hydrating mists, exfoliators, and more await! I enjoy using their products. I think that you would, too!

Best Wedding Skincare Products from Kora

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