13 of the Best Cities in Europe to Visit for a Romantic Honeymoon

Europe is such an amazing place and has some incredible locations just waiting for honeymooners to explore. No matter your tastes as a couple, there is a European city to suit. Whether you have a week to spend or can travel for a few months, here are 13 of the best cities in Europe to visit.

13 of the Best Cities in Europe to Visit for a Romantic Honeymoon

Style, sophistication, fun, and adventure — cities in Europe have it all. But as Europe is so vast, where should you go? We counted down 13 favorite places that exude romance for the honeymooning couple. Here are our picks for the best cities in Europe to consider for your honeymoon.

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13 of the Best Cities in Europe to Visit

1. London 

London is the capital city of England. It has such a regal feel to it, which is no wonder as it’s home to the Royal family. In London, you can walk around Buckingham Palace, witness Big Ben, and walk across Tower Bridge, to name a few. If you go in winter, you may even be fortunate enough to see snow in London!

With fabulous places to see during the day and epic entertainment at night, there is something for everyone. Plus, it’s one of the oldest cities in Europe to visit, with a deep history. Another highlight is to see the sights from up high by heading to the viewing platforms at The Shard.

London Is One of the Oldest Cities in Europe

2. Paris 

No other European city exudes romance like Paris. It’s well-known as the city of love! Paris is one of the most popular cities in Europe to visit, and it’s in the northern part of France.  It is a wonderful location filled with some incredible designer shops and historic sites that you can peruse.

Walk along the River Seine, climb the Eiffel Tower, or head to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa. Paris is a beautiful, scenic city in Europe where you can find amazing places to eat and drink on every corner. It’s one not to be missed for those looking for a romantic honeymoon spot.

Paris Honeymoon Romance Eiffel Tower

3. Lisbon 

The capital city of Lisbon is the heart and talking point of Portugal. The streets are littered with perfect photography opportunities of white-washed walls and colorful tiles. Plus, there is plenty of gorgeous street art.

The harbor is a place to find incredible seafood restaurants to savor the catch of the day. There are some incredible boutiques along cobbled streets to get lost in. At night, the city comes to life with busy bars. Lisbon is one of the safest cities in Europe and a great place for couples to enjoy time together. 

Lisbon Portugal Cities in Europe for Honeymoon

4. Barcelona 

The city of Barcelona, Spain has so much going for it. It was once hailed as one of the prettiest cities in Europe to visit and for good reason. There is color everywhere you turn — from beautiful mosaic scenes on walls to colorfully painted buildings.

The beach is also a huge highlight and one of the reasons people keep coming back time and time again. Plus, relaxing on the beach in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe is truly romantic for a honeymoon. Barcelona also has one of the best football stadiums in the world, and you can take a tour if you’d like. 

City in Europe for a Honeymoon Barcelona Spain

5. Madrid 

Another Spanish city we have to mention is Madrid. Although it’s less popular than Barcelona in terms of tourists, it is still a European city that should surely be on your list.

There are some amazing shops to wander around and a huge square in the center where there are bars and restaurants galore. It is the ideal city that never sleeps and highlights Spanish culture in many ways.

Madrid Spain Romantic City in Europe

6. Rome 

Italy is a place that many people have on their bucket lists. Although the country is known for its cuisine, enjoying authentic Italian food is just one of the highlights. It also holds one of the best cities in Europe to visit: Rome. It has some of the most iconic sites, and if you happen to be a movie buff, you may recognize several film locations.

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While you are there, visit Vatican City (home to the Pope), the Colosseum, and the beautiful churches. There is just so much to see and do in Rome, and it’s definitely one of the oldest cities in Europe.

One of the Oldest Cities in Europe Rome Italy

7. Milan 

The fashion capital of Europe is Milan, which is another great city in Italy worth visiting. Milan Fashion Week is the city’s biggest event on the calendar, and you can plan your honeymoon around it.

Of course, it’s no surprise that you will find some of the best shops and designers in the world showcasing their products here. There are also gorgeous restaurants and amazing nightlife to enjoy.

Milan Italy for a Honeymoon

8. Amsterdam 

Amsterdam is a city that has so much more to offer than you might think. It isn’t just about the nightlife and drinking, and it’s a European city that’s popular with all kinds of folks. One of the highlights is the chain of canals within the city, giving the perfect opportunity to explore on bike or foot.

There’s a rich history and a wonderful museum dedicated to the famous painter Van Gough. It also contains the Anne Frank House and a lot of architecture, so don’t discount this beautiful city. You may even see a few tulips in season. 

Amsterdam Netherlands Honeymoon Europe City

9. Prague

Prague is located in the Czech Republic, and it also happens to be the capital city. There is plenty going on there, but while you’re there head to the old town square where you will find the historic core of the city.

This city in Europe has beautiful baroque-style buildings and gothic churches with so much to experience and see. Prague is a city that has so much to offer and definitely should be added to your list. It’s a gorgeous place for honeymooners to enjoy! 

Prague Czech Republic Cities in Europe to Visit

10. Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece and was the first location to host the Olympic Games, which makes it one of the oldest cities in Europe to visit. Greece is all about the Greek gods and mythological history, and Athens has so many areas worth exploring if mythology interests you.

Ancient Greece was once a powerfully dominant civilization, and there are historic sites to match. The Acropolis is a hilltop citadel with ancient buildings including the Parthenon temple. There are also some incredible sculptures you can see in the museum. Alongside that, there are some lovely bars and restaurants and plenty to explore for honeymooners. 

Athens Greece Honeymoon

11. Dublin

Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is one of the most stunning locations you can visit. The city itself has some incredible things to do while you are there. Ireland is famous for the drink Guinness, so taking a tour is a great place to start. While you are in Dublin you can head to the Guinness factory and be sure to do a tasting.

Of course, there is nothing quite like an Irish welcome, and while there are many shops and wonderful restaurants, heading out for a drink and singing the night away is going to be a highlight of your trip here. Especially if you do so in an authentic Irish pub.

Dublin Ireland for Honeymooning

12. Berlin 

Germany is not usually high on the list of places to visit, but Berlin is an incredible city. Don’t discount it just because you may not have thought about it before. Plus, if you visit around Christmastime, you can head to one of the Christmas markets in Berlin. And if you find you adore the holiday markets, be sure to head to Bavaria to discover even more.

There is a lot of history to take in, especially surrounding the Holocaust. Although it’s somber, the Holocaust memorial and the history of the Berlin Wall are just some of the things to see. Berlin has quaint places to stay and lots of fabulous bars and restaurants to keep you entertained at night. 

Berlin Germany Honeymoon in Europe

13. Copenhagen

Finally, the capital of Denmark is one of the most pleasant places to go. That’s because the Danish are known as the happiest people in the world thanks to the practice of hygge.

Copenhagen has a historic district as well as a modern part of the city. The Renaissance-era castle, Rosenberg Castle are all worthy of a visit. If you want to keep cozy, enjoy history, and explore amazing cuisine, head to Copenhagen.

No matter where you end up, you now have plenty of inspiration for places to visit in Europe. 

Copenhagen Denmark Cities in Europe to Visit

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Best Cities in Europe to Visit

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