4 Clear Gemstone Engagement Rings Are Affordable Diamond Alternatives

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times of life. There’s the love, the anticipation, and then…the cost. The final one can really weigh a couple down. However, instead of splurging on a high-dollar diamond, think about purchasing clear gemstone engagement rings instead. They’re only a fraction of the cost! So, take a peek at our worthy contenders that can pose affordable diamond alternatives.

Clear Gemstone Engagement Rings Affordable Diamond Alternatives

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Every girl knows that diamonds are her best friend, and everyone knows a diamond is forever. But in this day and age, diamonds are also expensive. When it comes to picking out an engagement ring, it’s important to explore all your options. Who says a ring has to cost you three months’ salary?

Diamonds have been the standard for many years. However, there are a variety of clear stones for rings that can be just as beautiful and brilliant. These also have the added benefit of being cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and unique.

Why consider clear gemstone engagement rings? 

For most, the cost is the main reason for considering diamond alternatives for engagement rings. By making the decision to purchase clear gemstones for rings instead of diamonds, you could save up to 90% on the price.

If that doesn’t interest you enough, maybe the fact that clear gemstone engagement rings are more ethically sourced will.

Diamonds are mined from the earth, which can leave a pretty large carbon footprint. And it can also put the workers in rough conditions.

Some of the man-made gem options below are more sustainable and eco-friendlyTake a look and see which stone you think is the best alternative to diamonds! 

4 Affordable Diamond Alternatives to Consider

What are the best diamond alternatives?

White Sapphire

This may come as a surprise to some, but sapphires are actually rarer than diamonds. This coupled with the fact that white sapphires are growing in popularity means that your gemstone will hold its value longer.

Diamonds are more expensive because they are in higher demand. However, sapphires are one of the few affordable diamond alternatives that will continue to keep their resale price

Shop Etsy White Sapphire Engagement Rings

However, white sapphires don’t sparkle as much as real diamonds. Real diamonds refract light back to your eye, leading to more scintillation. This is what happens when diamonds appear to have “rainbow colors” coming off them.

Although white sapphires appear clear, they are denser and not quite as dazzling as a real diamond. They’re still a smart and lovely choice for the bride-to-be.

White Gold Sapphire Engagement RingRing by Aquamarise on Etsy


This man-made gem is a great option for a clear stone engagement ring. Probably one of the best qualities of moissanite engagement rings are their durability.

While a diamond is still the hardest mineral, with a score of 10 on the Mohs Scale, moissanite follows closely behind with a 9.25. This means that it is a great day-to-day wear with minimal risk for damage.

Another pro is that moissanite can have an even more intense shine than a diamond! Your moissanite ring is less likely to collect dirt and grime than a diamond, making it even more dazzling in appearance. 

Shop Etsy Moissanite Engagement Rings

On the flip side, moissanite coloring is not always as pure as a diamond, which has a white and clear appearance. Some moissanite stones can give off a yellow, green, or grayish tint when in the light.

If color is an important factor for you, definitely take your time selecting a stone like this. Another thing to consider, the larger the ring, the more obvious the discoloration.

Etsy Moissanite Engagement Ring

Ring by Keyzar on Etsy

White Topaz

White topaz is a unique alternative for an engagement ring. Because it rarely has internal impurities, white topaz is often associated with loyalty and genuineness.

What better stone could be used to represent a promise of love? Topaz can shine beautifully in the light and have a glass-like appearance if the right stone is chosen. 

White Topaz Engagement Rings on Etsy

The biggest downside of a white topaz stone for your engagement ring is its fragility. This stone can easily get scratched or damaged over time. Therefore, it is important to keep your ring clean to maintain it.

Try to avoid lotions, soaps, hair products, or other similar items. Why? Because your topaz stone can fade after coming into contact with certain chemicals. 

White Topaz Engagement Ring Set Clear Gemstone Engagement Rings

Ring by Daintybits CA on Etsy

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are a great alternative for engagement rings because they look exactly like diamonds! They have equal measures of color, cut, clarity, and carat. Therefore, you cannot tell a synthetic diamond from a real diamond by just looking at it.

Unless you have a microscope to inspect them closely, they appear identicalHowever, real diamonds are more rare and scarce, and they will hold their value better than lab-grown.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings on Etsy Clear Gemstone Alternatives

Real diamonds are not an endless supply like man-made diamonds because they can’t be made by people. They are mined and then cut and polished. As lab-grown diamonds become more popular, they become a dime a dozen and lose value. 

Also, with synthetic diamonds, you don’t have to worry about how they are sourced. Because people aren’t out collecting rare diamonds, there is none of the weighty cost that can go with it for the workers.

Ethically Sourced Lab Grown Diamonds on Etsy

Ring by Szeki Studio on Etsy

Last Thoughts on Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

Picking out an engagement ring is a big event! Some important things to think about are your budget and your wants.

Consider using one of these affordable diamond alternatives for your ring. You can spend a fraction of what you would have on a diamond and still have a beautiful, brilliant, and stunning ring. 

Clear Gemstone Engagement Rings as Affordable Diamond Alternatives

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