5 Smart Reasons to Get a Unique Engagement Ring Set

There are an overwhelming amount of decisions to make when shopping for wedding rings. Of course, going for a classic diamond ring is sensible, but there are a lot of perks to getting a more unique engagement ring set. Take a peek at five reasons why.

5 Smart Reasons to Get a Unique Engagement Ring Set

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An engagement ring is one of the first commitments between two people in love. Therefore, shouldn’t that ring be just as unique as your relationship? Most people go with a simple band laced with diamonds.

However, if you want something extraordinary that will stand out just — like your special someone does for you — why not add a personal touch to your engagement ring?

Where can I buy a non-traditional engagement ring?

Engagement rings and wedding sets by Capucinne are just as wonderful as your love story. They specialize in fine gold jewelry and are best known for their whimsical and colorful engagement rings.

With one-of-a-kind pieces, your spouse-to-be will get a ring that is really different from the rest. Plus, it feels good to buy handmade rings from a company that cares about nature and giving back.

Creative engagement rings can stand out while showcasing your love and personality.

Why Get a Unique Engagement Ring Set?

Whether you’re considering getting a custom message, something that will make your fiance remember this moment forever, or just something a little off the beaten path, there is a custom engagement ring for everyone.

1. Creative wedding rings are one-of-a-kind.

Could you find that special piece if you put your engagement ring in a dish with many other accessories? Consequently, non-traditional engagement rings will pass this test time and time again.

Not only are these rings different from the rest, but they offer you a chance to find a ring that reflects your fiance-to-be’s personality and style.

Just because you buy a unique engagement ring set doesn’t mean it can’t be subtle and beautiful.

2. A unique engagement ring set will mean more.

Custom engagement rings can have engravings, inscriptions, or other design elements you handpick. You can select a commissioned custom ring that has special colors and designs that match your unique style choices.

Of course, any ring you give your partner will still be something they’ll love. But a custom ring will mean more because it was designed primarily with them in mind.

3. You can choose a more sustainable option.

Fact: The jewelry industry isn’t very sustainable. Strip mines deprive the environment of life and beauty. Additionally, many miners work under harsh and underpaid conditions.

Sustainable options and creativity often come as a package deal. Companies such as Capucinne focus on sustainability and well-thought-out designs.

This company has a deeply involved sourcing process for gemstones that ensures that every gem used is conflict-free. Plus, they only use recycled precious metals to prevent the need for new mining.

Traditional stones arranged in creative ways can help make a piece truly unique and special.

4. Diamonds aren’t that unusual.

Diamonds are really common and are actually one of the most common gemstones. Nearly every “luxurious” piece of jewelry features diamonds, and you can’t go into a jeweler without hearing that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Nearly every engagement ring in that box will feature a diamond or something similar. However, a really unique piece, such as an opal or a birthstone, will mean so much more and be something really showstopping.

5. Unique engagement ring sets stand the test of time.

Look at your grandmother’s or even her mother’s ring, and you’ll find fewer diamonds. Vintage rings and pre-modern designs stand out from the rest. Estate rings can be a way to pay respect to your heritage and span all eras of history.

Banish the thought of simply going for another diamond ring just like everyone else. Therefore, start your own lineage of unique rings with a story that can be passed down to your kids and then theirs.

Colorful stones in unique engagement ring sets are a beautiful way to add panache to your proposal.

Save our unique engagement ring ideas.

Have a ring purchase in your future? Save this post! Not only can you use these rings as engagement rings, but they also make lovely gifts. If you have an anniversary or other special occasion coming up, a stunning jewelry piece can be the perfect present.

Unique Engagement Ring SetReasons to Get a Unique Engagement Ring Set

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