How to Make an Easy Halloween Mocktail for Your Fall Wedding

Fall is a festive time to have a wedding. Plus, the season has so many fun aspects, especially if you want to concentrate on the spooky side. We’ve got an easy Halloween mocktail recipe that’s cute and tasty, too!

How to Make an Easy Halloween Mocktail for Your Fall Wedding

Why make Halloween mocktail drinks?

What is a mocktail? Well, it’s basically a mock cocktail. As a result, it doesn’t have alcohol in it, so anyone can have them.

If you think that Halloween mocktail drinks for adults aren’t a thing, think again! Consequently, many folks that are of drinking age are trying to lessen their alcohol consumption and enjoying zero-proof drinks.

Plus, making a mocktail d’Halloween means that anyone can enjoy a sip, no matter their age. Therefore, offering an alcohol-free option that is still tasty is thoughtful for your guests.

Zero Proof Cocktail for Fall Weddings

Easy Halloween Mocktail Recipe: Witches’ Brew

  • Halloween Apple Cocktail Servings: 4 fall mocktails
  • Zero-proof cocktail prep time: 10 minutes

Ingredients to Make a Halloween Specialty Drink

  • 2 cups of chilled blueberry juice
  • 1 cup of chilled apple juice
  • 1 cup of strawberry syrup
  • sprinkles in red colors (or Halloween colors)
  • Halloween bone candy (optional)
  • Club soda (optional)

Zero Proof Cocktail for Fall Weddings

How to Make Our Easy Halloween Mocktail

  • Mix the apple and blueberry juices together and set aside. As a result, this will be the foundation for your mocktail and gives it the bloodlike color that makes it quite creepy.
  • Decorate your glasses by taking two dishes or plates that are larger than the diameter of the rim of your glasses. Next, pour a layer of strawberry syrup into one dish, and pour a layer of sprinkles into the other.
  • Dip the rim of the glass into the strawberry syrup and lightly swirl to cover the rim completely.
  • Next, dip the syrupy rim into the sprinkles so that the sprinkles stick to the syrup.
  • Add a few falling drops of syrup down the side for added impact, and coat in sprinkles. Consequently, this step is optional.
  • When you’re ready to serve your drinks, pour the apple/blueberry juice mixture into the glasses.
  • Optional: add a splash of club soda to the juice mixture to top it off and add a bit of fizz to the mocktail.
  • Finish with the bone candy for added effect.
  • Finally, enjoy your tasty alcohol-free beverage!

Zero Proof Cocktail for Fall Weddings

Final Zero-Proof Cocktail Results

Zero Proof Halloween CocktailHalloween Apple CocktailHalloween Mocktail Recipe

Save our easy fall mocktail recipe!

How to Make an Easy Halloween MocktailEasy Halloween Mocktail for Your Fall Wedding

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