This Adorable Love Sign Is the Most Perfect Valentine Home Decor

Do you love giving DIY gifts? February 14th is one of the most fun days to make easy peasy Valentine crafts. Our love sign is simple to make and is perfect to incorporate as Valentine home decor. It’s adorable, and this farmhouse DIY project can be easily adapted for other holidays just by changing the word. So fun!

This Adorable Love Sign Is the Most Perfect Valentine Home Decor

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Cute Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts

Of course, your sweetie tops your mind as the recipient of homemade Valentine gifts. However, there are lots of other reasons to make these adorable farmhouse style decorations.

  • If you’re looking for Valentine crafts to sell, these are perfect! Again, you could make these for Christmas and use the word “noel.” Cute and versatile DIY gifts tend to sell well.
  • Add interest to your living space by using these as DIY Valentine decorations in just about any area of your home.
  • Our farmhouse letters would also be cute Valentine ideas for friends. Make them for your bridesmaids using their names or monograms. How cute would that be?

  • Want to truly brighten someone’s day at the office? Make our tiny houses as DIY Valentine gifts for coworkers. What a fun way to brighten up their desk or office space!
  • If your dining table or kitchen island needs a little something, this love sign would make perfect DIY Valentine centerpieces.
  • Of course, these would be perfect Valentine table decorations for a sofa table or entryway. So cute!
  • Sometimes simple Valentine gifts can mean a lot, especially if you made it yourself. Plus, the recipient will think of you every year as they decorate.

Easy Peasy Valentine Crafts

How to Make our Simple Valentine Gifts

Supplies for Love Sign Valentine Home Decor

Cute Valentine Ideas for Friends DIY

Instructions for Love Blocks Valentine Home Decor

  • Gather your supplies.
  • Use the white acrylic paint to basecoat each wooden house. Let dry.
  • If necessary, coat a second time.

How to Make Farmhouse Style Valentine Decor

  • While the houses are drying, use the black acrylic paint to coat each embroidered letter. Let dry.
  • Apply a second coat if necessary, and let dry.

Valentine's Day Gift Making Ideas

  • Once the letters and houses are dry, peel the paper liner from each embroidered letter.
  • Apply one letter to each house to spell out L-O-V-E.

Valentine Home Decor DIY

  • To make the roof, measure the width and also the pitch of the roof of the wooden house.
  • Cut 4 chipboard/cardboard rectangles to go slightly over the size of the entire length of the roof (about 1/4″ so that the roof hangs over 1/8″ on each side).
  • Cover each piece with the HVAC tape, and fold the tape around to cover the edges. Duct tape would work well if you don’t have the tape.

DIY Valentine Decor

  • Bend each full roof section carefully so that the covered chipboard covers the entire roof evenly.
  • Attach the roofs with hot glue.

Simple Valentine's Day Decor Farmhouse Style

  • Tie a section of ribbon to create a box in the size you’d like.
  • Use hot glue to adhere the bow to the “O” in love.
  • Let dry and display as Valentine home decor or give them as DIY gifts.

Love Farmhouse Decor for Valentine's Day

The Final Result of Our DIY Valentine’s Crafts

These are such cute Valentine centerpieces to make! Homemade Valentine crafts can be so meaningful to display and give to those you love.

Quick Tip: 

If you truly love our Valentine’s Day gift making ideas, we have a quick tip! The word “love” has the letters O, E, and L. When purchasing your supplies, buy an N. That way you can affix the N to the back side of of the V house to spell “noel” at Christmas time.

Both the color scheme and style of these would fit in well during the holiday season. We love it when Valentine’s Day ideas can do double duty!

DIY Valentine Home Decor GiftsDIY Valentine Home Decor GiftsDIY Valentine Home Decor Gifts

Save our Valentine’s Day gifts DIY project!

Pin our Valentine’s Day DIY crafts to save it for future reference. Again, depending on the letters you choose, you can spell names, monograms, and more. Although you could have a child help you, this project serves more as Valentine crafts for adults.

Valentine's Day gifts DIY project

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