These 6 Valentine’s Day Destinations Are Perfect for a Romantic Trip

Valentine’s Day is such a lovely time to celebrate the love you have for the people in your life — especially your partner. This year, why not consider taking a romantic trip for two? Our six Valentine’s Day destinations are perfect and exude romance!

These 6 Valentine's Day Destinations Are Perfect for a Romantic Trip

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Often there is a sudden panic about what to do to celebrate that special person in our lives. Flowers are great, chocolates are tasty, and a card is quite important. But some couples use Valentine’s Day as a chance to get away together on a romantic trip. 

Work can be stressful, and often we can take our partners for granted even when we don’t mean to. So there is nothing more deserving than taking a night or longer away from the hustle and bustle of normal life and spending some quality time together.

There are several perfect locations and experiences you can enjoy together around the globe. Here are some of the best romantic Valentine’s Day destinations to consider if you can get away together.

6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations

1. Head off to Paris on a romantic getaway for two.

Paris is the city of love, so why not go there for a break away this Valentine’s Day? There are plenty of things to see and do. Take a trip to the famous Eiffel Tower, where you can eat and see stunning views of the city. 

If you love art, consider touring the famous Louvre. Foodies can experience Parisian coffee culture at the amazing cafes in the city.

There is so much to do that you can get all caught up in the romance. But if you are still a youngster at heart, Disneyland Paris is close by.

Paris Eiffel Tower 


2. Visit a location that showcases the Northern Lights.

Perhaps you like the idea of seeing something that is on many people’s bucket lists. The Northern Lights are an amazing spectacle in the sky that can only be seen in certain locations in the world.

However, if this is something you are considering then it would be best to speak to some experts on the Northern Lights to make sure that you get the best experience. In this sort of place, you can camp out in a dome or enjoy wonderful snowy scenery. It could certainly be one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day destinations!

You can view the Northern Lights in Alaska, Norway, Iceland, and other locations around the globe.

Northern Lights Pink Purple


3. Explore Venice on a gondola during a romantic trip.

There’s possibly nothing more romantic than spending time in Italy with the one you love. The country is known for amazing food, beautiful architecture, and romantic gondola rides in Venice.

Taking a gondola ride and enjoying a slower pace in life could be the ideal way to spend some time with your loved one. Plus, there are lots of other things to do in Venice, such as visiting Doge’s Palace or exploring the lagoon.

Not to mention you can enjoy some authentic Italian food. After all, pasta and pizza are considered the foods of love. And then there’s the wine in Italy, too! All of it adds up to one romantic destination, especially if you go around Valentine’s Day.

Venice Italy Gondola


4. Head to warm and sunny Valentine’s Day destinations.

Although the idea of a beach holiday somewhere hot may seem unattainable in the winter, it’s a perfect romantic trip if you head somewhere that has summer while you’re experiencing winter.

Enjoying some time out and getting a suntan could be the ideal tonic for the winter blues. Additionally, this may mean heading away for a little longer than a few nights. However, the chance of some sun, sea, and sand is not to be passed up.

You can always make a warm beach getaway fun and enjoyable! By staying in some of the most luxurious resorts that are dotted all over the globe, you are sure to have a memorable Valentine’s Day trip.

Romantic Trip to the Beach


5. Schedule a February 14th getaway closer to home.

Not everyone has the luxury of time or even the funds to just book somewhere extravagant. Plus, romance, after all, is what you make of it. So why not consider something a little closer to home?

It could be a special night at a local hotel or staying in the next town in a cute Airbnb. There are loads of things you could do!

Enjoy a tasty cocktail in the local dive bar, have a nice meal somewhere new, or take a simple stroll hand in hand in different surroundings. It could be just the ticket to reigniting the passion on Valentine’s Day. 

Couple Walking Dog


6. For a true adventure, book a last-minute surprise trip!

Finally, there is nothing more exciting than just packing a case or bag and heading to the airport with no real clue where you might end up. Yes, it sounds risky to not know which Valentine’s Day destinations to go to, but that’s part of the fun!

Book seats there and then for the next available flight. Then, decide on your accommodation while checking in. Finally, walk through airport security to head on your trip. It can certainly be one big adventure.

You also have the opportunity of surprising your partner by arranging all the details ahead of time and not telling them until you arrive at the airport. Very romantic!

Airplane Wing at Sunset


Save our Valentine’s Day destinations!

We hope we’ve offered up fabulous inspiration for romantic getaways you could consider this Valentine’s Day. 

Best Valentine's Day Destinations

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