10 Unique Storage Ideas for Small Spaces That Are Simple to Do

No matter the size of your home, storage is always an issue. However, there are many areas of your home that you can creatively use to organize your things. Our ten storage ideas for small spaces will help you capitalize on those places.

10 Unique Storage Ideas for Small Spaces That Are Simple to Do

Why use storage ideas for small spaces?

It’s no secret that the housing market is crazy. If you’re trying to purchase a home, houses are more expensive or selling faster than you can look. Rentals are also increasing in price rapidly.

All of this means that you and your partner may be in a smaller space than you had originally planned. However, storage solutions for small spaces can help you maximize what little real estate your house or apartment has.

From taking charge of little-used space to going up instead of under, we have ten easy storage ideas for small spaces. Many you can do quickly, so get started today!

10 Unique Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Maybe you’re renting an apartment, or your home has a slightly smaller blueprint than you were planning. If so, you know just how difficult it can be to store a lot of items in a small space.

However, being short on space doesn’t mean that you can’t organize and store your things efficiently. We are all looking to downsize and use a smaller space.

So, now is a great time to start looking for unique ways to maximize a small space. Here are our ten storage ideas for a small room.

1. Utilize the space under your bed.

You may already keep a few things under your bed. However, instead of just throwing things under the bed, consider investing in a space-saving bed frame.

Many come with drawers or storage bins that you can easily pull out for additional storage. Another option is to buy under-the-bed storage boxes.

Under Bed Storage Ideas

2. Use doors for storage.

It’s so easy to overlook the potential of your doors. But, by adding a towel rod or over the door organizer to the back of the door, you can save space and store many smaller items. 

You can also do something as simple as putting a rack with hooks or a shoe organizer on the back. From bathrooms to closets, there are lots of small storage ideas for doors.

3. Search for small nooks in your home to use for storage.

If you have an oddly shaped windowsill or corner, you don’t have to use this as negative space. Instead, you can add a small bookshelf or even a tiny piece of furniture into this otherwise useless area.

4. Label everything so you can access it easily.

A label maker can be your best friend. Labeling is not only helpful for storing like items but also for keeping those items organized long after you’ve put them away. Plus, decorative labels are such a cute storage option.

Kitchen Jar Label Organization

5. Maximize unexpected areas of your small space as storage.

The side of the fridge and other oddball spaces are unexpected places you can use to add additional storage.

A small set of command hooks or even well-placed baskets can maximize your storage in the tiniest of homes.

6. Place storage boxes and containers on shelving.

Shelves allow you to store more items in a space. Plus, it will also make the area look cleaner even if it’s holding a lot of items. 

Open shelving has become really popular in kitchens and bathrooms, so jump on this decorating and storage trend.

7. Hang important things on wall hooks.

Consider hanging a collection or wearables on the wall with hooks. Wall hooks can be used to hang hats and other items that can look like art when hung on the wall.

While this space can be used for decor, you could also hang jewelry and other things. Using wall hooks is one of the best storage ideas for a small room, like a bedroom or bathroom.

Wall Hook Storage Organization Ideas

8. Go vertical with your small storage ideas.

Vertical space can be used to house hanging shelves and other functional storage pieces. You can hang decorative items or store books, games, and other items that you don’t access frequently.

Using this vertical space takes advantage of an area that would otherwise go unused. Going up is one of the best storage and organization ideas for small spaces.

9. Mix hidden and open storage.

You may have a lot of stuff, which, of course, means you will need a place to put everything. When organizing and setting up a space, try to mix hidden storage such as cabinets with open storage such as shelves.

Unique Storage Ideas for the Bedroom Garment Rack

10. Consider getting dual-purpose furniture.

Swap out your traditional setting and furniture with pieces that offer additional storage options. Having double-duty furniture will give you more storage.

You will be able to access your things in a small space whenever you need to.

Save our storage ideas for small spaces!

By implementing a few easy organization solutions, you can make even the smallest space feel spacious.

Unique Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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