Are DIY Weddings Cheaper Than Hiring Pros for Your Big Day?

As you look at your wedding planning to-do list, you may wonder what you can do yourself. After all, you love crafting! Possibly you wonder how difficult it truly is to create floral wedding centerpieces and bake a cake. You may even save money — or will it cost more in the end? Here’s our take on answering the question, “Are DIY weddings cheaper?”

Are DIY Weddings Cheaper Than Hiring Pros for Your Big Day

Are DIY Weddings Cheaper Than Hiring Pros?

Honestly, this question is different for each couple. Maybe you have relatives in the wedding industry or are a graphic designer who can handle details, such as the wedding invitation suite.

However, sometimes DIY isn’t the best route. Here are a few pros and cons of having a DIY wedding in Virginia.

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4 Pros of Having a DIY Wedding

  1. Save money on a DIY event. By planning certain elements of the wedding yourself, you can save on costs. You can skip expensive elements and purchase direct from suppliers.
  2. Personalize your wedding how you want. A DIY wedding lets you add your unique touch and control the wedding details completely.
  3. Maintain complete control of your wedding day. When organizing your special day, having full control makes creating the exact atmosphere you desire a breeze.
  4. Showcase your DIY skills. If you have an area of expertise — say you’re adept at wedding cakes or crafting table numbers — feel free to show off on your big day. And, yes, this is a way to save on your wedding budget.

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5 Potential Cons of a DIY Wedding

  1. Elements may not be of the quality you want. Without expertise in event planning or negotiation skills, you might overlook important details. A polished event often requires the help of professional wedding vendors.
  2. Stress isn’t ideal. Organizing a wedding can be exhausting as your wedding plan list grows. Forcing yourself to do DIY wedding projects may increase stress and leave you feeling burnt out. However, if you choose things that can be done weeks or months in advance, that’s an advantage.
  3. Time may run out. If you try to bake the wedding cake, make the floral arrangements with your bridesmaids, and do the wedding decor yourself, you may run out of time. It’s your big day, and being able to relax and enjoy is essential.
  4. Distance may prevent you from having a DIY wedding. If you’re having a destination wedding, doing DIY can be difficult, especially when dealing with language barriers and time differences. Plus, you may not be able to haul a bunch of decor items from where you live.
  5. Vendors could save you money in the long run. Sure, you may be able to arrange flowers into a centerpiece. However, you have to think about sourcing containers and an abundance of flowers. Vendors, such as caterers, bakers, florists, and venues, have elements that they use over and over again. This avoids the cost of purchasing things you’ll only use on your wedding day.

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11 Things You Can DIY Ahead of Time

Looking for items you can DIY for your wedding that won’t leave you scrambling last-minute? Here are a few ideas!

Are DIY Weddings Cheaper?

Ultimately, the choice of whether to DIY or not depends on each couple’s preferences, budget, and desired level of involvement in the planning process.

So, are DIY weddings cheaper? Budget-wise, possibly, but time-wise, probably not.

Are DIY Weddings Cheaper

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